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    WDW Radio Show #52 - Feb. 3, 2007

    Welcome to the WDW Radio Show - your Walt Disney World Information Station. This is Show #52 for the week of February 3, 2008. I want to thank you for tuning in again this week.

    I visit the Walt Disney World Rumor Mill this week and talk about recent permits filed by Disney about the Imagination pavilion, and a survey about Guest experiences at Walt Disney World with some very interesting questions.

    In honor of the upcoming Chinese New Year, Jeff and I do another DSI: Disney Scene Investigation, and this week, we explore the beauty, mystery and symbolism of the China pavilion in Epcot’s World Showcase.

    I’ll answer more of your emails and stay tuned for the end of the show, where I play a number of your voicemails. So sit back, relax and enjoy this week’s episode of the WDW Radio Show.

    Be sure to view this week's complete show notes page.

    You can email the show at or call the voicemail at 206-202-4WDW.
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    Great show Lou

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    I hope everything's okay

    Does my iTunes deceive me? Is this podcast under an Hour? What happened?
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    Great show Lou! You and Jeff did a great job on the DSI for the China pavilion. It was great to get to know some of the more specific details and facts about the pavilion and the Reflections of China show. Keep up the great work Lou, it's really fun listening each and every week.
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    Lou is either nursing the cold, I thought I heard in his voice on last week's podcast, or he was busy cheering the Giants.
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    Thanks, again, for a terrific DSI. These are worth the price of admission (or would be . . . ).

    I have always liked to linger in the parks, but your DSI features have convinced my wife why lingering is rewarding! I'm grateful for the extra time I got to spend in the empty Jungle Cruise queue thanks to your mind-opening endeavors!
    Have you seen my dad? Would you page him for me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by T Morrows Child View Post
    Thanks, again, for a terrific DSI. These are worth the price of admission (or would be . . . ).

    I have always liked to linger in the parks, but your DSI features have convinced my wife why lingering is rewarding! I'm grateful for the extra time I got to spend in the empty Jungle Cruise queue thanks to your mind-opening endeavors!
    I agree. I love the DSI segments. Great job Lou and Jeff!!
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    Well, another great show - just wish it was longer!!!! I have to tell you I REALLY enjoyed the DSI segment on China. China is not one of my favorite places to visit. I just go along cause my husband really likes it. After hearing your segment, for the first time since Epcot opened, I am anxious to get back to Epcot and visit the China pavilion. I listened to the podcast in my the car on the way home and my first words to my husband when I walked in the door were,"Lou said.......You have to listen to it." So, at dinner we ate and listened to what Lou and Jeff had to say about China. Thanks for such an interesting podcast. You're the best!!!
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    Great show Lou! I really enjoyed the detail provided about the China Pavillion. I felt at peace during the entire segment and could really sense the feng shui between you and Jeff. ; - )

    I couldn't agree more about booking your trip now and using a reliable travel agent to assist. I use Jessica from The Magic For Less Travel and have been able to rely upon her making sure I got the best deal.

    Are you going to do a 1-year anniversary show?


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    Do you think the survey that had been forwarded to Lou this week had anything to do with the new Four Seasons Resort being built?

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    Thanks for answering my question on childcare Lou. My daughter is due in 37 days and I am already obsessively planning her first trip. I truly thought I was nuts when I downloaded the original Journey Into Imagination and played it for my stomach! Hey, I gotta start her early.

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