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    WDW Radio Show #54 - Feb. 17, 2008

    Welcome to the WDW Radio Show - your Walt Disney World Information Station. I知 your host Lou Mongello, and I want to thank you for tuning in again this week. This is Show #55 for the week of February 24, 2008.

    This week, I once again have to record and produce the show early, so it may be a little shorter and a little different than usual. I値l start off as always with some Walt Disney World News, where I値l discuss an exciting new promotion for Annual Passholders.

    In my trip aboard the Walt Disney World Wayback Machine, I知 going to grab my swimming trunks, pick up Jeff Pepper, and head on over to the Ole Swimmin Hole at River Country, Walt Disney World first water park, and a place that conjures up great memories of water slides, sand beaches, picnics and some great times spent with family. Now closed, it痴 a fun look back at the history, attractions and demise of this very unique destination.

    I値l also have time to answer some more of your emails this week, so sit back, relax and enjoy this week痴 episode of the WDW Radio Show.

    Be sure to view this week's complete show notes page.

    You can email the show at or call the voicemail at 206-202-4WDW.
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    Thanks for the trip back to River Country. My interest on this water park faded when I hit my 20's, but now that I'm in my 40's I long to go there.

    It was a great example of how Disney can really take you away through theming. Some of the views notwithstanding, it was a great break away from the park(s) and took you to a different pace.

    There are some amazing escapes within the WDW Resort that are really treasures. This podcast reminded me of how great Tom Sawyer Island is when you need that mid-day break. Maybe there'll be a future DSI on this one?
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    Another great show Lou! I really enjoyed you and Jeff's trip in the Wayback Machine about River Country. I never had the fortune to experience River Country for myself, but it really did look like a place just to kick back and have fun. It's a shame it's closed now, and seems to just be rotting in the "forest". It's surprising Disney hasn't done anything with it yet to at least clean up that area a bit.

    Anyway, enough of my rambling. Great show Lou, very insightful as always.
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    As always, loved the show. I never had the opportunity to experience River Country, but when I was young, it was always at the top of my dream list of things to do at Disney World! Thanks for the trip! Look forward to the next one!

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    I absolutely loved the show this week Lou. The River Country Wayback segment was awesome! It brought back a LOT of memories of my family trips there. We were one of the ones that were there when the park opened to race for the lounge chairs and to get a place right by the lake in the shade. Actually my parents would send my sisters and myself down and they would follow about an hour or so later. Lol… After my parents arrived to the park, I remember my mom and dad slowly moving their chairs during the day to stay in the shade. We also carried this cooler with us so we had cold pop and lunch while we were there. We stayed at Ft. Wilderness and during that time I remember using the trams. There was this one driver (maybe a few of them) that was there for years that would make noise like a train starting up and whistle blowing as he drove. It was so funny that one year we brought a tape recorder and recorded him doing this. Man, what I wouldn’t give to have that track again. I miss the trams so much! Also, the orange flag bus was the express bus that guests used to go from the front parking lot of Ft. Wilderness to the Pioneer Hall/River Country stop. Wow…what a random post.

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    BTW… the last time I took the 7 hour tour backstage, we were taken to the green house and the place where they make all the gift packages. The guide told us we were one of the first groups to do this. I took this the last time I went a little less then four years ago. Also, we too went backstage at Body Wars… I know Lou asked this, but I’ll ask too…Does anyone know if they are still going there?

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    Hi there!

    My husband and I took the 7 hour tour this past August and loved every single minute of it! We didn't go backstage at Body Wars, though. We went to the Christmas storage center, the gift wrapping and floral center, costuming, the place where they make ride cars (we saw the Spaceship Earth ride cars being made with the slot for the video screen - Cool!), behind the scenes of the American Adventure pavilion, and ate at Mama Melrose's. It was an awesome day! I'd do it again if I had the money!

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