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The WDW Radio Show Disney Podcast Discuss Disney Smell Segment in the The WDW Radio Show forums; I will have to thank you for your choices for best smell of Walt Disney World. You hit the nail on the head with these choices. Tim was going on ...
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    Disney Smell Segment

    I will have to thank you for your choices for best smell of Walt Disney World. You hit the nail on the head with these choices. Tim was going on about pronounced smells of attractions and flowers and I was thinking that those scents don't do it for me. But you totally nailed all the scents I would go with. That distinct water ride smell I am totally with you. I completely agree when you step on these rides you get that distinct Disney scent that lets you know your in the world. My top scent is definitely the monorail smell. You step onto the monorail and that distinct smell combined with the air condition pumping in just brings me back to my early childhood days of riding back on the monorail those late nights draped over my parents shoulders half asleep. I thank you sincerely for conjuring up these fond scent memories.

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    I like the smell of the WDW railroad trains! I went to Baltimore the other day and going through D.C. I smelt the trains and things and it smelt just like the trains in WDW.
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    I also totally get the "smells" of WDW. I have always noticed the smells on the water rides, but I get the musty with a touch of chlorine. Sometimes when I'm here in Chicago, I'll walk by a fountain and get that same smell and I am immediately transported back to it's a small world or even the Fountain of Nations in Epcot.

    I also totally get the smell of the monorail, which I describe as the ozone/air conditioning unit smell. I have never encountered that smell anywhere else. And in terms of Casey's Corner, the sauerkraut smell gets me everytime!!

    However, the one thing that I do, and this goes along with Tim's statement on your sense of smell being the greatest memory trigger -- and that is I stage a smell. For example, the H2O brand shampoos/conditioners in the hotel rooms when used occassionally at home will also trigger that instant memory of WDW. I have also on occassion packed a certain scented soap or fragrance for my trip and then when used again at home at a later time will also bring me right back to my trip. It usually triggers the sense of anticipation that I have when I am getting ready for my day in WDW.

    So, not only do you have the existing smells of WDW, you can also bring your favorite scent with you and you will also mentally associate that with a wonderful trip in WDW.
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    Yeah, we love Tim, but I am not sure he really got the "Smell" thing. He's just talking about the ride smells that are pumped in. LOU- you are totally right about the water smell in the rides! My friends and I call it the "Wet cement smell." I smell a similar smell in "real life" and it takes you right back to WDW.
    The hotel rooms have a distinct smell, too. I'm not sure if it is a cleanser they use, or if it is the A/C - but it's such a great smell!

    My favorite smell is walking into the Polynesian - it's sort of that musty water smell, too! The Grand Floridian has a really unique smell, too!

    Lou - you are not alone! My friends and I talk about the smells you are talking about all the time!!!
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    I used to think that the water in resorts and attractions was the "vacation" smell. Now I realize that it's all through the Orlando area and it's the amount of sulfer in the water. Entering attractions that have a large amount of water still trigger that "I'm on vacation" feeling. Of course, now I get it in my own shower as well.
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    I totally agree with the monorail and the water rides. I have 2 overall favorites,. First is the smell of the general store at Fort Wilderness, I guess thats because we stayed there alot when I was young.My other is the smell in the Polynesians Lobby I always have just loved it!!

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    The Poly lobby, Monorail, and PotC are my favorite smells. PotC just seems to smell differently then the other water rides.
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    I have to agree with the POTC smell! When I was listening to the podcast on the way to work this morning, POTC was the first smell that came immediately to my mind when they started the top 10 smells. Soon as you walk into POTC, it feels that you truly have left reality behind. The smell enhance that for me personally!

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    Yes! The water smell is the single most memory trigger for me. But sometimes I run across an old musty smell that reminds me of Haunted Mansion.

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    The water smell is number 1 for my wife and I!! Oh that's so great. We've even noticed that the water tastes a certain way in WDW. Not that we drink the water from the rides, but the drinking fountain water, or the water from the sink at the Wilderness cabins.
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    The VERY first thing I thought of, when I saw the title of this thread, on the forum page, was PoTC! I can still remember, and still absolutely love that smell, from the first time my family ever visited Disneyland in 1968! And, I was as pleased as could be, while at WDW for the first time on mine & DW's honeymoon in '88, that WDW's PoTC was even better, and still is!
    If I even get a hint of something that smells similar, it takes me right there.
    And so many other smells too. The Monorail, the Resorts, Main Street USA!
    As I was walking down the hall to our office door the other day, I caught a smell that reminded me of the last time we stayed at POR! And thats not the first time that has happened at the office. Makes it a lot easier to walk through the office door on those days!
    I haven't even heard the podcast yet! I REALLY need to do that!!!
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    I have to agree with you, Lou! There is something special in the air when you are in the queue for POTC, Maelstrom, IASW and El Rio del Tiempo (or whatever it is called today).
    The Monorail scent is quite unique too. Another favorite is Rome burning.
    Some of the scents, like previous posters have mentioned, take you right back to WDW. Sometimes, after a rain, I am back in the lobby at the POLY!
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    I can't believe he ragged on Lou for the water smell. I know what you mean Lou.

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    I mentioned this on the main feedback page, but I completely agree with the pirates smell! I also love it when they make fresh beignets in POFQ's food court; that one gets me every time.

    I have to confess to not noticing the monorail smell. I will definitely take a big whiff next time I'm aboard.

    And just generally I have to say the smell of Main Street USA. I think it's a combination of popcorn, waffle cones, candy, and hot pavement. Between the smell and the music I'm pretty well overloaded before I even take the time to look at anything!

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    This one is going to sound weird, but when I occasionally get a facial, they give you certain scents to smell and you choose one for your facial. There is one that as soon as I breathe it reminds me instantly of walking through the Oasis in Animal Kingdom.
    I choose it every time. It is tea tree oil.
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