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    WDW Radio Show Disney Podcast #83 - Sept. 7, 2008

    Welcome to The WDW Radio Show - Your Walt Disney World Information Station. I am your host, Lou Mongello and this is show #83 for the week of September 7, 2008.

    I literally just stepped off the Disney Magic, so I apologize for not having any news or rumors again this week, but I will give you a few updates I picked up while in Walt Disney World.

    As if the first weekend of the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival, the inaugural Expedition Everest Challenge, the final Hoopla at the Adventurerís Club, and just the fact that itís Walt Disney World isnít enough to get you down to the parks during the weekend of September 26-28, then my first segment just might be the extra little push you need. Adam Roth, the ďboy wonderĒ behind the Celebrations 25 event, joins me to talk about World Wide Weekend, the weekend-long, signature event that includes backstage tours, group rides, a chance to meet fellow Disney fans and so much more. Iíll be attending as well, and weíll tell you all about the events, and how you can participate.

    Since ďTop Ten with TimĒ sounds better than Top Ten with Samantha, Tim Foster joins me again this week for another Top 10 segment. This week, we look at the Top 10 (or 30) Places to Get Away From It All in Walt Disney World. Itís some of our favorite out of the way places, little hideaways and diversions in and out of the parks.

    And finally this week, Iíll announce the names of the 3 contestants that will be moving on to the Final Round of the Adventureland Challenge Contest. Your votes have been cast and tallied, and we are one step closer to crowning the Ultimate Adventurer and the winner of the Grand Prize Ė the 6 day, VIP vacation for 4 to Walt Disney World.

    Iíll once again end the show with more of your voicemails, so sit back, relax, and enjoy this week's episode of the WDW Radio Show.

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    P.S. Sorry for the show being a bit late
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    Congrats to the final 3...good luck...
    Gary M. Hasty
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    I love these kind of shows, shows that really dig into the guest experience and tips of seeing the World. The top tens with Tim are always a treat, although I am bummed that so many of my own "secrets" were revealed in your lists! That's okay, though. If they become more populated, it will be with folks who "get it."

    Fun show, Lou. It kind of felt like a "back to the basics" kind of show.

    Also - for a show without News and Rumors, I thought you had a fairly robust News section!
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    Wow, what a jam-packed show this week Lou! Hope you had a great time aboard the Disney Magic. Your talk with Adam Roth about WDW Celebrations' World Wide Weekend definitely sounds like an event that will be one to remember. Now it makes me feel like I'll be missing out on a great event. It's bad timing I guess, as I leave WDW to come back home September 26 which is when World Wide Weekend is just starting up. Oh well, hopefully I'll be able to join WDW Celebrations on a future event.

    Your Top 10 with Tim Foster was another great one, despite it going longer than 10. Still though, I agree with everything you two discussed. Good luck to the finalists of the Adventureland Challenge Contest. The winner is going to have an awesome VIP vacation for sure. Once again, great show this week Lou. I really enjoyed it!
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    Loved the show, Lou, but where was Samantha Brown . There is nothing better than sitting in one of those spots and just enjoying being in the World. The list got me thinking of my own top spots. I really love the back patio of the Boardwalk's lobby. Sitting in a comfy wicker chair and watching the friendships float by is a favorite activity of mine. I completely agree with the colombia harbour house 2nd floor. I refuse to sit on the first floor, because the second floor is such a great place to have some peace and quiet while still watching the people go by. I also love to sit by the window in Pinnochio's Village Haus and watch guests load into its a small world, sit on a porch in frontierland, and ejoy a pretzel and a spaten optimator while admiring the beauty that is the Germany pavilion. Again, GREAT show and I am really looking forward to Celebrations magazine!

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    I just wanted to reiterate the post by T Morrows Child. I really enjoyed the segment with Tim Foster. This segment, similar to the DSI segments, really evoke the best memories of my past visits to WDW and fuel my desire to return to WDW as soon as possible. Sure the attractions and the restaurants and the shows are the main course of any visit to WDW, but the places that you described are the dessert. The lobby of the Wilderness Lodge, the spot in Adventureland and the monorail are a few of my favorites places to slow down. As much as I loved the interview with Mr. Sherman, this was probably one of the best episodes you have produced.

    As for someone who has never taken a cruise (the wife doesn't see the appeal), I would like to hear the review of the cruise.

    Thanks again, ajc

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    Another great show this week, Lou. Top Ten places to get away was really fun. Here's my favorite:

    By the first person into the Studios, grab a Fastpass for ToT or RRC and then get some breakfast at Starring Rolls. There's wonderful people watching to be had at the outside tables outside, and it can be really fun to see everyone coming and starting their day.

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    Want to slow down to appreciate WDW? Go eat at the buffet at the Germany pavilion at EPCOT. You'll be so full you can't help but not move for the rest of the afternoon.

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