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The WDW Radio Show Disney Podcast Discuss WDW Radio Show Disney Podcast #85 - Sept. 21, 2008 in the The WDW Radio Show forums; Well, I finally got to listen to the show today, and it was so awsome! Lori, you were great, it was cool to hear a little about you and your ...
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    Well, I finally got to listen to the show today, and it was so awsome! Lori, you were great, it was cool to hear a little about you and your family etc. You seemed very at ease and not nervous at all (did you have us all fooled?). I kinda liked Lou as an "interviewer" of Disney fans. I really hope he has you on again!

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    Loved the podcast!

    Hi! Listened to the podcast today finally. Busy at work. You both were wonderful together. Lori it would be great to hear you again. Lou hope you invite her back. Lou hope you had a good time on Everest.

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    I finally finished listening to the podcast today. It was another great show and Lori did a fantastic job. I especially like her advice about kids at WDW. I will definitely follow her advice when we go to WDW next year.

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    I thought the show sounded great. Lori, I didn't think you sounded nervous at all. In fact, I really enjoyed the conversational dynamic between the two of you.

    I think you should be on the show more often.
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    Fun podcast - loved the teamwork. I especially liked the discussion about Belle's Storybook place, or whatever you call it. My kids & I loved it, and I'm going to make Lou jealous: I was chosen to be the Beast and got to dance with Belle! My kids have a memory they'll not soon forget.
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    Hey, you guys did good.

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    Ok...great show. I've been listening for a while but I finally decided to post. I know someone asked about this earlier in the thread but I didn't see a reply. I also am looking for the 2disc version of "The happiest celebration on earth". I know its out of print but I was wondering if anyone knows how I could get a hold of a copy. I've searched the internet with no luck. I've been collecting Disney Theme Park CD's for a while but this CD escaped me some how. Thanks.

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    Great show Lou! First off; I want to give a big congratulations and say what a great job Lori Burke did as co-host for the day. Both of you sort of played off each other in a very entertaining way. Relating to the news; I really enjoy the sound of the What Will You Celebrate? campaign for 2009 in Walt Disney World & Disneyland. I really enjoy just the overall vibe it's giving, just purely a celebration for all of our special moments. Hey; getting in free on your birthday isn't anything to sneeze at either!

    You and Lori did a great job with the newest Fact or Fiction segment. The Best of the Best segment was great to hear as well! Great job with the tips for parents and the email as well. Overall; great job to both you and Lori for a great show this week. Keep up the great work!
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