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The WDW Radio Show Disney Podcast Discuss Top SOUNDS of Walt Disney World? in the The WDW Radio Show forums; The sound of laughter. The sound of excited voices from having so much fun. The sound of the horses pulling the trolley on Main street. The sound of the fountain ...
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    The sound of laughter. The sound of excited voices from having so much fun. The sound of the horses pulling the trolley on Main street. The sound of the fountain with the music behind Spaceship Earth.

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    The gasp of a little one when they spy their favorite character or see the Castle for the 1st time.

    BTW, when I got to the Illuminations portion of the show I got all choked up (it's my favorite fireworks show). Never thought about how much that "wwff" MAKES the moment but it DOES.
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    The train whistle is number one for me. Then the boom boom of fireworks. The boat horns, the sound of the fountain at Epcot when the water shoots waaaaaaaay up in the air, while in line for Kilamajaro Safari- the sound of a safari truck driving underneath me while I am up on that bridge, the screaming from tower of terror, the click clack from TTA, the beep from the tram in the parking lot, and even the sound of the buses driving to and away from me. Those are just a few, haha!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SamIAm717 View Post
    And, if you say TTA how can you not love...
    Paging Mr. Morrow, Mr. Tom Morrow. Your party from Saturn has arrived, please give them a ring!
    lol.. we rode on the TTA last week (on another magical vacation,missing the World soo much this week!!) - and when we heard the "Tom Morrow" announcement, my DBF looked startled, as his surname is "Marrow".. and he misheard "Mr Morrow" .... !! hehe. he's not quite the disney geek that i am.... yet

    Lou mentioned the screams from Splash Mountain & Expedition Everest... I would like to add the Tower of Terror too - the screams echo all the way down Sunset Boulevard & beyond!!

    Barbie x

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    * the boat "whistles" on the 7 Seas Lagoon
    * the sound of the start of the Water Pageant - especially when it catches you off guard
    * "insert your name here" party of "blank" - your table is ready!!!!
    * "due to lower light levels during the fireworks..."
    * The music from the Spirit of Aloha when walking around the Polynesian
    * "This here is the wildest ride in the wilderness!"
    * "You DO have wings... let Eastern be your Wings...."
    * "Most carousels just go 'round and 'round..."
    It was all started by a mouse!

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    A few more I noticed on this trip:
    • The sounds from the small splash play areas for kids, where the water shoots up from the ground
    • The Innoventions Plaza fountains shooting water into the air. That "pop" sound as the cannons go off
    • The rumble and hum of the trams in the parking lots
    • The sound of the monorail passing overhead in Epcot
    • The sounds of the Test Track cars whizzing by as they approach 65 MPH
    • The misting machines near Future World East
    • The sound of Dreamfinder rolling over in his grave at the sight of "JII with Figment"
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    The "ba-boom" of the final firework going off at the very end of Soarin' (of course, the added effect of your ridecar jerking backwards at that point helps a lot)

    In Disneyland, the turnstyles make a little "magical" sound as they scan your entrance card. I liked that. Made me wish the WDW turnstyles did it too.

    The Japanese drummers - you can hear them from as far away as the Beach Club at least.

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    The sound effect of splashing water that accompanies the visual effect of Davy Jones in PotC. It completes the illusion for the first-timers that you're about to get wet.

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    This was a great segment on the Podcast!
    There are so many sounds that I love in WDW, most have been mentioned already.So other of my favorites are:
    The sound of the Monorail rushing overhead.
    WDW railroad train whistle.
    Hearing the laughter of guests...especially the children!
    Screams of folks on TOT!
    "Clacking" sound on TTA.
    BGM from Space Mountain that you hear while on the TTA.
    Howl of the Haunted Mansion dog.

    I could go on all day! Thanks for the great thread!
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    The final fireworks from Hallowishes.

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    When heading into a MNSSHP from the bus stops and you hear the Haunted Mansion theme before you even see the turnstiles.

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    I know I am at WDW when I hear the double HONK from the trams when they are "All Clear" and the sound of my favorite "attraction" the Monorail.

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    I have two:

    1) The instant the doors open to the recording studio in Rock n' Rollercoaster and you hear the intro to "Walk This Way" - that's all I can think about when I hear that song now!

    2) Any of the music that you hear playing softly while you are waiting for your elevator at the Boardwalk (where we always stay). It's that turn-of-the century music that is comparable to what you may hear in the ToT que.

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    Recently there was a commercial on TV for Burger King - some breakfast sandwich. It was a futuristic scene. There is a musical sound on it - kind of an arpeggio going up and down the scale in a bell sort of sound. All three of us at home heard that, looked at each other and said, "That's the sound of Space Mountain on the TTA!" It took us back and made us homesick.

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    I like the final portion of the Haunted Mansion soundtrack as you are exiting the Doombuggy. It's a creepy, a capella refrain. I love that.

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