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The WDW Radio Show Disney Podcast Discuss Top SOUNDS of Walt Disney World? in the The WDW Radio Show forums; On this week's show, we looked at our Top 10 SOUNDS from Walt Disney World. What are some of YOUR favorites? Post them here, or better yet - call the ...
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    Top SOUNDS of Walt Disney World?

    On this week's show, we looked at our Top 10 SOUNDS from Walt Disney World.

    What are some of YOUR favorites?

    Post them here, or better yet - call the voicemail at 206-202-4WDW (4939) and TELL us! Say it, sing it, play it, hum it.... whatever!

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    Por favor mantenganse alejado de las puertas!

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    Here are a few of mine:

    Walt Disney World Railroad train whistle
    The canon fire from Pirates of the Caribbean
    Fountains of EPCOT
    Clickety Clack of horse drawn trolley
    Screams of Tower of Terror riders
    Do Mickey Ice Cream bars have a sound? (never mind)
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    I could only think of one the seat belts all clicking at the end of soarin its obscure but i enjoy it

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    yeahhhh! i love the sound of the the Soarin' seatbelts! wow i would've never remembered that one now i've gotta think hard for some of my other favorites
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    I love the sound of people walking on Main Street U.S.A., the boom of fireworks over music from Wishes and Illuminations, the laughter of excited children as thier parents despiratly try to keep up, the screams from the Tower of Terror, and so much more!

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    The sound all the torches make around the lagoon as they are simultaneously turned off for Illuminations, ya know, that Whoosh! sound, and then the large boom that begins the show. Talk about excitement!
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    There is a "gonging or bonging" sound somewhere in Tomorrowland that I love and it's so "Tomorrowland" to me.
    I can never place where it's coming from, maybe the TTA? ((Edited to add: It is the TTA chime that I hear in Tomorrowland, not really a gong or a bong I guess)). I just adore that noise! And, if you say TTA how can you not love...

    Paging Mr. Morrow, Mr. Tom Morrow. Your party from Saturn has arrived, please give them a ring!

    I am only at the very beginning of the show and as I sit here at my desk (yawn) my heart actually started racing when I heard the monorail loop. I closed my eyes and tried really hard to pretend I was actually there. But alas, I opened my eyes, and I'm still here.
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    1) "Like a grand and miraculous spaceship" as said by Jeremy Irons (love the refurb but boy do I miss his voice)

    2) The clicking sound on the ascent into Space Mountain

    3) The Dapper Dans in perfect harmony

    4) The opening music to Wishes (my heart begins to race and my eyes well up with tears)

    5) The sound of the outside world that you suddenly hear, all be it muffled, as your elevator enters the "shaft" of ToT
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    Some of the best sounds of WDW are the train whistle, the whistle on the Liberty Belle, when walking through Tomorrowland the voice from the TTA, on Main street the Dapper Dans and the Mayor and his cronies and thier singing, screams of excitement. In Epcot the backround music all around the park (very relaxing), in AK the sounds of nature and in DH/MGM the old Hollywood movie tunes
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    I love the sound of all the echoing voices as you walk under the train station when entering MK. You can feel everyone's excitement!
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    Here are some of my favorites. Some of them are repeats.

    - "Strike yer colors ye bloomin cockroachers" from POC
    - the sounds of the cars whizzing by as you near Test Track
    - the booming sounds at Hollywood Studios when the Indiana Jones Stunt Show is on.
    - the clickity clack of the TTA.
    - the howling dog/wolf outside the Haunted Mansion.
    - the "mine, mine" gulls outside of the Seas with Nemo and Friends.
    - the sound of the Monorail going by wherever I am. It could be at one of the resorts or at the entrance to the MK.
    - the Yeti on Everest
    - the sound of the car peeling away at RNR coaster.
    - the Fountain of Nations
    - "Hurry baaaaack" from the Haunted Mansion.

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    I love the sound of the water and rain in Living with the Land. The most relaxing place and sounds are in the listening booths at the Conservation Station. I could sit in there forever...well for a while anyway. I also love the sound of the horse drawn trolley on Main Street.
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    Having spent several of my recent WDW vacations around the Boardwalk/Swolphin/Y&B club area .....

    The horns on the Friendship launches as they move around the various docks.

    I was editing some home movies the other day, and when viewing video taken around the Boardwalk I could hear those horns in the background. *That* immediately took me back home ....

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    Lou and Tim mentioned mine - the TTA- with the bells of the announcements and "bumpity bump" of the tracks as it goes around the plaza. Every time I have a WDW dream, I'm riding this one.

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