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The WDW Radio Show Disney Podcast Discuss WDW Radio Show Disney Podcast #88 - Oct. 12, 2008 in the The WDW Radio Show forums; This has to have been one of your best shows so far. I loved the segment about the Adventurer's Club, not just because I was a fan and because of ...
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    This has to have been one of your best shows so far. I loved the segment about the Adventurer's Club, not just because I was a fan and because of the timing with it having just closed and all, but also because it was really informative and well done.

    I did have a question however. You see, I was in attendance on the final night of the AC (well, I got as far as the zebra mezzanine anyway... couldn't even make it to the stairs it was so packed). I noticed that during the final Hoopla (HOOPLA!) that there was a character that appeared to be a gorilla in a tuxedo. Was this a throwback reference to the "Missing Link" that was mentioned on the show? If so, I was glad to have gotten to see him/her/it... even if just for a moment in the final closing minutes of the club's existence. I only wish I had decided to go to the club more than three times in my lifetime. Sadly, I never even knew of its existence until the last couple of years, and only went for my first time during MouseFest last year. Bummer.

    I also enjoyed the segment on MNSSHP, and I totally agree that between the parade, the fireworks, and the "free" candy, that in itself is worth the cost of admission. And I will also agree that the parade is one of, if not the best parade currently run at WDW. The headless horseman is astounding, as well as the Haunted Mansion portion with the ghastly ballroom dancers and the gravediggers.

    That said, however, I do want to disagree with you when you said that HalloWishes is likely the best fireworks display. I would have to say that BY FAR, the best fireworks display I have ever seen in my many trips would have to have been the time I was in attendance for the 4th of July in 2007. This was probably the largest and most dazzling display of not only fireworks, but also patriotism and national pride I have ever seen. In addition to the fireworks display going on over and behind Cinderella Castle, there was a nearly identical show going off SIMULTANEOUSLY over the Seven Seas Lagoon out in front of the park. So regardless of where you were in or around the park, even directly behind the castle, you got to see the "big fireworks", and not just the ones that are launched from either side of the castle. And from the Plaza Rose Garden, where I was standing for this show, you could keep turning back and forth, alternating between which show you were watching... kind of like it was in simulcast. And don't get me going on the perimiter fireworks. It wasn't the 180-degree semi-perimiter stuff like they do now at the Halloween and Christmas parties, but the full 360-degree thing. I just could not possibly spin around fast enough to take it all in!

    I had the unique pleasure of watching those 4th of July fireworks from the Rose Garden along with a family from Northern Ireland, who hadn't planned on being here for the American holiday, but had kind of inadvertently planned their trip to coincide with it. I spoke with them for some time, and they said that despite the crowds being really high, that they were exceptionally glad to be able to join in and take part in the celebration of our American Independence, and that it was so cool to get to see how we celebrate over on this side of the pond. And let me just say that during the closing moments of the fireworks display that night, when the last song played was none other than the "Star Spangled Banner", and any American with half an ounce of patriotism began to sing out loud along with the tune as loud and proud as they could muster, I looked around through my own excited, teary eyes and saw many other wet eyes just like mine... including our visitors from "out of town". Yes... it was that wonderful. Simply breathtaking.

    Great show though. Can't wait to get to this week's show sometime tonight or tomorrow!
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    Continuing from my previous post...

    Our September 23, 2008 Hitchhiking Adventure to the Magic Kingdom for Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.

    We arrived at Main Street at about 8:30pm, right as the Parade was starting in front of the Train Station. We took position on the curb right at the end of the line near the Barber Shop and struck our hitchhiking poses until the Haunted Mansion portion of the parade went by. We got a lot of great nods from the parade performers, including personal handshakes from Captain Barbosa and great acknowledgment from Jack Sparrow. After the Gravediggers did their thing we headed towards the Mansion to meet some friends. Well, we met our friends, and also ran into another ghost... Carlotta!

    Carlotta is the Ghost CM that sits on the grass in the HM queue chatting it up with the guests as the pass. Unfortunately our timing to the Mansion was not so good as they were closed temporarily for the duration of Hallowishes. So we wandered to Tomorrowland for the Peoplemover, then back to Fantasyland for a ride on Small World. Delightful!

    Of course we were hounded by photographers all night, but no complaints here... that's part of the reason we do this every year! Hehe! Well, we finally got to take our ride on the Mansion, and afterward got to meet up with an old friend, and a new one.

    Then it was off to Pirates. We ran into another old CM friend of ours, Stuart, who we met Hitchhiking in 06. Stuart joined us for Pirates and then hung out with us the rest of the evening. It was now getting close to midnight and we needed to get back to the Mansion for our traditional midnight ride. So back through Frontierland, but what's this? More ghosts... the Cadaver Dans to be precise! Sheesh, so many ghosts around tonite. Where's a Ghostbuster when you need one?

    Our entire group arrived at the Mansion for the Midnight ride, but what's this? Our Bride is having a run in with..... a Ghostbuster?!?! I spoke too soon!

    Quick, she needs backup! Darn, the pesky Ghostbuster has backup, too! How's this for excitement? Hehe!

    Actually these Ghostbusters are friends of ours and they were with us this evening as part of our group. And I must say, they might have been an even bigger hit tonite than we were! They were signing autographs and stopping for photos all night! Dava and Kris looked fantastic and it was awesome to be with them this night.

    And a quick shout out to 2 more of our pals this nite, Jill (Black Cat) and her brother Jesse (Wolverine).

    Well, that about wraps it up. 2008 MNSSHP is in the history books for us. See you next year! Gus, signing out!

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    loosetune, you guys look great! How much fun!

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    Great 'cast, as usual.

    One topic you touched on , but resonated strongly with me.

    I do feel the beginning of the end of Pleasure Island originated with the change from tickets for admission onto the island to admission into the clubs. When it changed over, the crowds in number and quality changed alot, and the party scene in the streets disappeared. It used to be just great hanging out around the island - even if you didn't want to be in the clubs all night. My last foray on to the island was 2005. I just didn't like it anymore like I did in 1998.

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    Really good show this week Lou! Your history and reflection on the Adventurer's Club and almost Pleasure Island as a whole with Jim Korkis was so fascinating to hear. On my recent trip walking through Pleasure Island one of the nights, I actually almost forgot that Pleasure Island would soon be closing as we knew it. So in a weird way, I'm happy I was able to give my final regards to Pleasure Island. This segment really brought a form of closure to it as well.

    Your discussion of Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party with George Taylor was great and so funny as well. George really loves his candy! I regret now not partaking in the party on my recent trip, but I definitely will now on my next trip! Once again, great show Lou! Keep up the great work!
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