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The WDW Radio Show Disney Podcast Discuss Live DSI with Lou and Jeff in the The WDW Radio Show forums; Last year at Mouse-Fest, Lou and Jeff did a Live DSI through Frontierland. Did that make it onto the WDW Radio Show at any point? I've listened to every episode ...
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    Live DSI with Lou and Jeff

    Last year at Mouse-Fest, Lou and Jeff did a Live DSI through Frontierland. Did that make it onto the WDW Radio Show at any point? I've listened to every episode so far, and I thought I remember hearing it. But I've searched the show notes around that time and don't see any reference to it. I'm heading to Disney World next week, and I wanted to listen to it before leaving.

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    The only one I remember is that they did a DSI (I think it was a DSI) on Pecos Bills, but I don't remember all of Frontierland, he is probably saving that for one of his CD's.
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    I don't believe it ever made it "on the air". I was there when they did it. Tons of people were around trying to listen to them. Pretty cool!

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    It was never broadcast on the show. As LLT mentioned, it was very packed during the live DSI. With Woody's Roundup interupting the guys, it made it hard to hear, as well.

    I bet Lou recorded it, but Jeff wan't mic'd.

    Jeff did our you like it?

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    It was very packed. I could barely hear Lou or Jeff most of the time, and at times I couldn't even hear them at all. Never mind trying to see them over the crowd. Of course... Jeff was a little easier to see than Lou was.

    That said, I did not see any recording equipment, so I don't think it was ever recorded, or if it was, that the audio quality is good enough to be used on the show.

    But this discussion leads me to ask... is there going to be another DSI done live at Mousefest '08? I tried checking the Mousefest page, but it kept freezing every time I brought up the events schedule. I don't know if I'm going to be able to make some, all, or any of this year's mousefest, but if I can make some of it, I want to try to hit as many of my favorite events as possible in that time. The DSI was certainly one of last year's highlights for me, and is right up near the top of my list.
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    Live DSI

    I guess we know there wont be a live DSI this year as Jeff has decided to focus on other things, also Lou noted on the Nov 23rd show that he didnt want to inhibit other people's vacations with a large event like that.

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    Yeah unfortunately as much as I would love to have given another walking DSI tour like that, I simply couldn't for a number of reasons. And like I said, one of the main reasons was not to interfere with the experience of other Guests. Plus, last year I had trouble with everyone being able to hear, etc.
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