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Thanks for the tips, I did recently hear about the Jeff Lange DVD's. I will probably give those a shot. If you have a favorite episode let me know, thanks again.
I picked up the Horizons 3-disc set recently which is really cool. It has a lot of iterations of the ride from the different eras it was open, as well as the different endings and assorted footage. But really mostly just ride footage, which for some people is enough.

The only other DVDs I have at this point are the World Showcase set and one on the Polynesian Resort. The latter is just footage around the hotel, which is all I needed it to be, set to polynesian music. The WS DVD included footage from mostly non-cinematic highlight attractions (Rio del tiempo, Maelstrom, American Adventure) as well as the old Surprise in the Skies show and an Omnibus full circle tour. I actually really dug the Omnibus ride footage. But otherwise the DVD wasn't as good as the others.