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    WDW Radio Show Disney Podcast #104 - Feb. 1, 2009

    Hello and welcome to The WDW Radio Show - Your Walt Disney World Information Station. I am your host, Lou Mongello and this is show #104 for the week of February 1, 2009.

    It’s time for another Top 10 segment, and Tim Foster joins me once again as we take a look at our list of top ten things in Walt Disney World that are better at night. Experiencing the parks and resorts at night is completely different than during the day, and we’ll look at some things that you might just enjoy even more after the sun goes down.

    I often try to bring you some unique interviews with individuals whose names or faces you might not know, but whose work you might often enjoy and appreciate. This week, I welcome in just such a guest. He is Ronald Cohee, feature animator, artist, and currently a member of the Disney Design Group in Walt Disney World. A longtime park enthusiast, he shares his story of how he came to work for Disney, films and projects he’s worked on, insight into what his experience has been like, advice for others looking to join the Company, and even some hints as to a few things that may be coming next.

    I’ll answer more of your emails this week including questions about Millennium Village, Dive Quest, refillable mugs, and of course questions about food that cover opposite ends of the dining spectrum including dieting in Walt Disney World to where to find some special ice cream.

    Last week’s Walt Disney World trivia contest winner will be announced before I give you yet another set of questions and prizes in this week’s new contest.

    I’ll have some announcements and play back some of your voicemails at the end of the show, so sit back, relax, and enjoy this week's episode of the WDW Radio Show.

    You can email the show at or call the voicemail TOLL FREE at 888-703-2171.

    Thanks for listening! Be sure to tune in next week!
    Lou Mongello
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    Made me laugh...

    "Rome Burning Tea" =
    Lapsang Souchong

    Lapsang Soushong is a smoked tea, and yes, I agree... it smells EXACTLY like the "Rome Burning" smell in Spaceship Earth.

    Look for it at your local supermarket and see if you can sniff it through the packaging. It will take you to Epcot instantly.

    Some of my fav's at night that were not mentioned:
    Splash Mountain... love the parts where you're outside when it's dark
    Test Track... ditto
    Really, I think everything about WDW is better when the scorching Florida sun has gone away!

    Also, Tim "Bananas" Foster cracks a joke about "Illuminations is much better at night." ...but don't laugh so fast. According to the Epcot tram, Illuminations is shown every night, "Rain or Shine."

    If it's shining during Illuminations, I'm really going to have to start complaining about shortened park hours!

    Great episode, Lou!

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    Loved the interview this week, Lou!

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    Gotta second Red Helicopter. When you're coming around the backside of Splash Mountain, I guess that would be coming around the East side you get a gorgeous view of the castle all lit-up. It's pretty amazing. One night we rode a number of times in a row during EMH just for that view. Well, and because it's one of the sweetest rides in the history of sweet rides!

    But at night . . . even sweeter!

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    Ah yes, Splash Mountain! Another one of the "hall of fame" candidates we should have mentioned. My favorite moment is when you're cresting over the hill for the final drop and you get a wonderful view of the Castle and Space Mountain, even more magical in the dark!!!
    Thanks for the reminder!! (it was so hard to get to 10!!)

    Why do I think "Bananas" is going to stick with me for a lo-o-o-o-ong time? Hmmm...

    Tim Foster
    Author of the Walt Disney World Guide to the Magic for Kids,
    a guidebook, photo book, journal, sticker book and activity book all rolled into one!

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    Quote Originally Posted by guidetothemagic View Post
    Why do I think "Bananas" is going to stick with me for a lo-o-o-o-ong time? Hmmm...
    Probably not... Lou hardly ever makes references to food.

    Reminds me of the Gwen Stefani song...


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    great show Lou!
    Loved the interview with Mr. Cohee. As a 2-D animation fan (still bitter about the closing of the Florida studio), it is great to hear how a victim of the animation layoff has adapted and found success and happyness.

    Keep up the great work Lou!

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    Thunder Mountain at Night

    Listening to show 104...
    I wish you'd kept Thunder Mountain on the list. I had the fortune to go on that with one of my closest friends a couple weeks ago. We managed to catch it during the fireworks; incredible is the only word I got. As you're whipping around all these turns, in and out of tunnels, fireworks are flying off in the sky with "extra sound effects".... I definately recomend the experience to couples and repeat visitors. Gonna have to go again to catch those dancers though!

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    Tim didn't have to convince me at all about Disney transportation. Two personal examples immediately jumped to mind -

    1) It was about 6 years ago, riding the boat from Downtown Disney back to Port Orleans Riverside. My daughter, then 4, in a tired voice said "Goodbye House of Mouse" as we pulled away from the bright searchlights. The drone of the boat's motor and the cool breezes had her asleep before we passed Old Key West.

    2) It must have been close to 10 years ago, pre-kids, when my husband and I spent an evening at Pleasure Island. We got on the bus to return to our resort. The bus driver turned off the interior lights and went a bit off-script. He let out a maniacal laugh, saying "Welcome to the dark side of Disney. You're under MY control now!" My husband, not really a fan of the parks, still remembers that ride.

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    We love it every time you guys do a top ten list because then we (me, wife and son) do one at dinner on Monday.

    We agreed with all of yours but wanted to add a couple of our own...our top 3 you didn't mention:

    1. The boat ride from POFQ/KeyWest to Downtown Disney. It's dark, just the sounds of the water and trees surrounding you until you get near DD.

    2. Frozen Grand Marnier at the France Pavilion...don't know why, it's better at night.

    3. The eating area near the Yakatori House...peaceful and serene.

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    Lou I love your top ten lists and food is better at night much better

    I FINISHED my first ever race, ToT 13Kand running it again in '09

    ** Please, Please excuse my grammatical and spelling errors. Correct me if I'm wrong.**

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    Great job this week Lou! Your new Top 10 on what in WDW is better at night with Tim Foster was really great to hear, and everything I could definitely agree with. Many things of WDW I too find even more enjoyable at night, so this list was one I could agree with on every single factor. Your discussion with Ronald Cohee was so interesting, and it was amazing to hear his immense career with Disney. I'm very envious of the career he has had now! That was really great to hear, for sure. Good job on answering the emails as well. Keep up the great work, Lou!
    Keep it cool, and keep moving forward!

    Trips to Walt Disney World

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    I agree with ALL the things on the list, although I must say I have never seen the AK at night, and I don't remember seeing the Ewok Village at night at all.

    One of my faves on the Top 10 list is the transport at night. It's just so peaceful when you're driven away at night with the roar and hum of the engines below us, and it gives you the moment to reflect and to think to yourself how awesome your day was, and you can't wait for tomorrow (or, in some cases, you're too sad to leave). It's just so beautiful at night.

    My other fave on the list is the Boardwalk/Yacht Club/Beach Club, because it just looks so gorgeous at night. I mean, I love taking a nice calm walk around the lagoon area, gaping at the lights and scenery around it (as well as the Friendship Boats). It's just so peaceful and exciting at the same time. Walking around the Yacht/Beach Club/Swan area is so peaceful, while on the other hand, the BoardWalk is always very exciting with all the street entertainment (my favorite is the strolling piano!). Yeah, I agree with all of it. I gotta see AK at night, as well as everything else I haven't seen before.
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    I agree... I love the monorail at night, as well as the motor launch from MK to Fort Wilderness, my favorite resort.

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