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The WDW Radio Show Disney Podcast Discuss If you could add one nation to World Showcase, what would it be? in the The WDW Radio Show forums; ...
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    My vote would be Greece (Mediterranean).

    Here's what I would like to see in the pavilion: (hopefully my ideas translate okay).

    Greek Pavilion (Location- Area currently occupied by African kiosks)

    Standing along World Showcase Lagoon looking towards the pavilion, you see a small Greek “village”. Bright white stucco buildings with blue domed roofs grace the mountain side. The buildings at ground level are actual size, but using movie techniques, the rest of the buildings get smaller as they move up the mountain. The look is to replicate the cliff side villages of SantoriniIsland.

    Behind the mountain, that the village resides on, looms the peak of MountOlympus and the pavilion’s major attraction. Inside the “mountain” houses “Return to Olympus” which is a high thrilling roller coaster ride that tells the story of Zeus’ return to Olympus to become the ruler of the gods.

    On the left side of the pavilion, guests can continue down the “cliffs” through a series of stepped terraces to a waterway dividing the Greek pavilion and China Pavilion .Empty fishermans’ boats wait in the water, for their owners to return from the market in the “village”, and here guests can take a quiet break from the hustle of the park.

    There would also be a scaled version of the Parthenon ruins. In the center of the pavilion would be a stage, where musicians play traditional music, actors put act parts of Greek plays, dancers show traditional dances, etc…

    There would be shops that have authentic jewelry, clothes, and souviners.

    A market, Agora, would give guests a chance to purchase Greek housewares, tableware, and décor. Here guests can purchase authentic cheeses, barreled olives, wines, baked goods and prepackaged foods to bring home from their adventure in “Greece”. Guest would also have a chance to take a lesuirely lunch at The Olive Branch, a counter service location inside the market serving casual meals like gyros, slouvakis, salads, etc…

    For a more formal dining experience, guests can make reservations at Ampeli. This table service location serves authentic Greek entrees, like Moussaka, Frikasse of Lamb, and Dolmades, paired with amazing Greek wines, from different regions of the Mediterranean. Ampeli’s extensive wine collection compliments the theme of a Greek vineyard, including the name Ampeli, meaning vineyard.

    Hopefully that was understandable and not too long!
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    This is a toughie. The only country mentioned so far that has nothing like it already is Russia so I think that'd have to be my vote.

    This maybe be confusing but see if you agree here.
    New Zealand/ Australia- heavy UK influences, but we already have England.
    India / Egypt- again, heavy Middle Eastern influences, but we already have Morocco.
    Brazil / Peru / South America- not to be the broken record, but there's already Mexico.

    I'm not by any means saying that all Asian, or Hispanic, or Middle Eastern countries are identical, but to me it'd make the most sense to pick something that's completely different from what we already have.

    I'd love to see all these countries and more, maybe some even more obscure things like Czech Republic or Luxemborg or Samoa.

    So after all that, I think the Millenium Villiage thing is still the best idea, even if it wasn't several countries at once. Maybe one or two on a 2 year rotation.

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    Egypt and Greece could both be visually stunning pavillions. As mentioned before, there are no South American countries represented. I'd like a country with wonderful food since I love to try all the restaurants.
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    I sent you a really long email regarding this topic. Let me know if you received it...
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    I know you wanted us to call in and leave a message about this topic, but I get a little tongue tied so I figured an email would be a better way to state my case. I am so glad you asked your listeners what World Showcase Pavilion we'd like to see at Epcot. Believe it or not, I have thought long and hard about the one pavilion I would love to see at Epcot for a very long time. I would like to see Cuba at the world showcase. I know the whole Communist "Embargo" thing kinda makes it a problem to deal with their government to try and get any sponsorship from them, but the thought of having my parents homeland represented on the lagoon would really be interesting.

    First, the music would draw visitors with sound of bongos, congas and horns. I can see certain short Italian guy doing the mambo with some Cabaret dancer ala the Tropicana right about now. Can you say Babalu?

    The architecture is mainly Spanish with red tile roofs and plenty of archways. Replicas of "El Morro" (Fortress/Castle), La Catedral (Cathedral), and the Capital Building be the focal points. Also "El Malecon", a mile-line oceanfront boardwalk which runs along the main downtown street in Havana could be recreated along the lagoon. Kiosks selling Mojitos, pastelitos and maybe even a cigar roller could be found along this area.

    Of course lets not forget the food. And I'm not talking about that horible excuse for Cuban food they have over at Downtown Disney. Aside from the Mojitos and pastelitos, how would you like to sit down to a plate of arroz con pollo, arroz y frijoles, or carne asada? (You could call me if you need help with the pronunciations), topped off with a piece of flan and cafe cubano for desert. After a meal like that you gotta like up a cigar right?

    My idea for a ride attraction is a little different. You may even think it's a little twisted. It's called "Journey to Freedom" the guests are on a raft-type boat that is equipped with some sort of pedaling device at each seat as they float along the river viewing sights such as Varadero Beach, Tobacco and Sugar fields and the Havana skyline all while listening to the music of Celia Cruz, Perez Prado and Beny More. Here's where it gets a little twisted... The waters suddenly get rougher at which time the guests are advised to start paddling. If you look behind you, there is a coast guard cutter chasing you. As you pedal the cutter is getting closer and closer. You look ahead and you see the Key West and Southernmost Point Monument on the horizon. You pedal as fast as you can but you get stopped yards from the shoreline. What happens next you ask? You gotta go back and start all over again. I told you it was twisted.

    Anyway tell me what you think. Does it have potential. By the way don't steal my idea. I have a copy of this email with the date and time just in case you do. LOL!

    Ok Lou! Thanks for hearing my idea.... Now where did I put my Cigar?
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    I think that the Costa Rica or Venezuela would have been beautiful...with the ride through the rain forest...although that could also fit into Animal Kingdom.
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    Me personally, I would like to see the existing countries plussed. Add the Rhine river attraction that was intended in Germany. The Mt Fuji coaster that was blue skied but never built. something... anything added to Italy to make it worth more than 17 1/2 minutes of wasted time.

    If we have to add something- Id Like to see something REALLY far out. instead of a new country, how about a continent? an Antarctic experience of some type would be cool. (no pun intended) have live animals (Penguins!), exhibits on what kind of scientific expeditions are happening, a 360 flyover of the ice fields, etc.

    They could even pay homage to ice station cool!
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    Russia or Egypt...

    I'm just sitting here imagining the detail and theming!

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    I think United Arab Emirates would be a possible, I like the thought of Egypt but having seen the actual pyramids any replica would look small and unimposing unless it was the size of spaceship earth.

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    Well, since it's the World Showcase, I'd like to see a country that's outside Europe, Africa, North America, and Asia (since they are already represented). That's why I'd vote for Australia or a South American country. Brazil might be neat because you'd have beautiful scenery and wildlife to play with. Plus you could have beautiful music and street dancers playing off the Carnival festival.

    I do like some of the other countries people have said (Egypt, Greece), but I would really love to go somewhere outside the continents that are already there.
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    India's popultaion is so huge it only makes sense to have representation in thw World Showcase.

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    Re: If you could add one nation to World Showcase, what would it be?

    I think that the flavor of India is really evident in Asia in the AK, but I would like to see Russia or Australia. The architecture and/or landscape for both could be breathtaking. There are endless possiblities for attractions or thrill rides are endless. You could have an outback adventure or a Siberian adventure coaster. Needless to say there are food options would be limitless.

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    Re: If you could add one nation to World Showcase, what would it be?

    Russia or Egypt would be cool.

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    Re: If you could add one nation to World Showcase, what would it be?

    I'd go with Egypt too but as a close second would be Australia!

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    Re: If you could add one nation to World Showcase, what would it be?

    I agree that they should showcase India.
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