This is such a great thread, so many wonderful ideas. Here are my thoughts on some of the countries that have been discussed.

Israel: I would love to see that part of the middle east represented, Morocco is in the middle east but the culture there is a bit different than Israel and the surrounding countries. The food from Israel would be amazing, and there are possibilities for both counter service and a full service. One problem I see is that how do you make an Israel pavilion without getting political or religious, two things which I am very happy are absent form WDW. And what kind of ride or attraction could you put in there? So even though the food would be great, the other aspects seem to create problems.

India: This would be great, because there is a very rich culture to pull from. I can just imagine the great shopping that would come along with this pavilion. And of course the food would be amazing. And being such a large part of the world population it would be nice to see it represented. But again, what kind of ride or attraction could you have? I firmly believe that if anything is added to WS it needs to have a ride, preferably a thrill ride, and I don't see where you could go as far as rides with India.

Russia: Being of Russian/Romanian heritage it would be nice to see it represented, but I don't know if there is enough to sustain a pavilion that would be interesting enough. Although the shopping would be great in a Russian pavilion.

Greece: I think that Greece makes the most sense. There is a rich history and culture. I can see great shopping in a marketplace. The food would be amazing, there are so many options there, and WS is known as the place to go eat while on property. I can also see the Disney really doing a great job as far as recreating the feel of Greece. And the possibilities of doing a thrill ride taking you through the Greek mythology seems to make sense, and even a slow ride through the country would be great. So if I had to vote I would say Greece because I think it has the most pieces that fit.