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    WDW Radio Show Disney Podcast #108 - Mar 1, 2009

    Hello and welcome to The WDW Radio Show - Your Walt Disney World Information Station. I am your host, Lou Mongello and this is show #108 for the week of March 1, 2009.

    News from Walt Disney World starts off this weekís show, as we talk about how you can check in online before you arrive at your Disney resort, fun sporting events taking place this month, and a great way to spend an evening at the Flower Power Concert Series as part of Epcotís International Flower & Garden Festival.

    I am happy to be joined this week on a roundtable discussion by some of the greatest moms around, for they are some of the members of the 2009 Disney Moms Panel. This group of real-world moms (and a dad) offer advice to Guests traveling to Walt Disney World through an interactive Q&A site at The moms join me to talk about the experience, some tips, some interesting questions theyíve received and lots more. Itís a fun conversation with some people who share our passion and get to help others with their questions.

    I talk all the time about how Disney World is for everyone and how accommodating they are to so many people. What many donít realize is that Disney also helps to recognize and help those people who serve the United States through military and uniformed service. Through a variety of programs, offerings and daily ceremonies, Disney makes it easy and affordable for military families to enjoy all that Walt Disney World has to offer. Staff Sergeant Mitch Brannen joins me to talk about the militaryís private resort on property, discounts and benefits for the military and their families, as well as an often-overlooked, yet wonderful daily ceremony in the parks that every Guest should enjoy.

    Iíll announce the winner of last weekís Walt Disney World trivia contest and give you the answer to the questions, and give you another opportunity this week to test your knowledge for a chance to win a prize package.

    For some time now, Iíve been telling you that Iíve been working on a number of things for the show and site, and itís time for me to let you in on whatís been going on backstage at WDW Radio, and whatís coming in the future. And just when you think Iíve told you everything, Iíve saved one of the biggest and special surprises for last.

    Stay tuned to the end of the show for some more announcements as well as some of your great voicemails, so sit back, relax, and enjoy this week's episode of the WDW Radio Show.
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    Great show, Lou!

    Glad to see that Disney is doing some cool things to help out our military personnel. Those guys and girls definitely deserve some special treatment. What they do for us day in and day out is amazing.

    It's also cool to see WDW doing some more things to let guests work out their vacation online. I hope they start doing more of this in the future.

    Once again, great show! Your podcasts make my workday a whole lot easier!
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    Great show Lou! Enjoyed the segment with Staff Sergeant Mitch Brannen. Me and my family used to stay at the Disney Inn. I loved that resort and was sad to see that it was no longer a choice for guests but was equally happy that Disney did something positive with it. Keep up the great work.

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    As a retired Marine, I really enjoyed your show. I was familiar with most of the programs and glad you were getting out the word to others.

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    Great segment on the Disney benifits for the military. Those men and women risk life and health for not a lot of money and deserve deals like this. Kudos to Disney!

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    just listening to the show.

    As for make water. It has been used as a euphemism for going to the rest room
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    Re: WDW Radio Show Disney Podcast #108 - Mar 1, 2009

    Good show this week, Lou! Your roundtable discussion with members of the 2009 Walt Disney World Mom's Panel I enjoyed listening to. They are definitely lucky people to help out others with their trip planning. Your discussion with Staff Sergeant Mitch Brannen on the benefits and accessibility for military personnel at WDW was very interesting to hear.

    I didn't know that military personnel had their own place to go and stay on property. Learn something new every day, right? Congratulations to the contest winner as well! Also; wow on the big news! First off, I love the new! It's definitely a great idea to combine both sites into one big site to go for everywhere, I'm really liking the new site! You did an awesome job with it!

    Then yet another knockout announcement! The Everest Adventurers Weekend sounds like such an exciting event! It's too bad I'm going to WDW just after that weekend. But in any case, it's amazing that will happen and you got it together! Really knockout show this week, Lou! Keep up the great work on the ALL NEW!
    Keep it cool, and keep moving forward!

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    Re: WDW Radio Show Disney Podcast #108 - Mar 1, 2009


    Catching up on some episodes since I've fallen behind, and just listed to #108 last night. As a current Air Force member (almost 14 years on active duty), I was glad you spent some time on Shades of Green and some of the other military-specific discounts & programs available. My family and I stayed a SoG in Dec 2006 (when we attended Mousefest and learned about your podcast coincidentally) and absolutely loved it. While you lose a little bit without the "Disney-esque" theming, the rooms were fantastic, large (2 queen beds, plus a couch, plus 2 pack-n-plays for my then 9 mnth twins, and we still had lots of room to move around) and very clean. The only drawback was some issues with the transportation. Most times we took the 10 minute walk over to the Polynesian and got on the monorail, but SoG buses depart every 15 minutes to the TTC and about every hour to AK, HS, and DTD. We were used to the buses at Disney resorts, so this was a bit of a letdown.

    One thing I wanted to add as a note was the military ticket counter in the SoG lobby. Even if you aren't staying there, eligible members can go to the ticket counter for military discounted tickets to WDW and other Orlando Area Attractions (I think you had to be staying at SoG or a Disney resort for the Stars-and-Stripes tickets, but all others had no exclusions that I recall). And yes, we did take a dip in the Mickey-shaped pool on property!

    Keep up the great work Lou and KUNGALOOSH!
    Prezcatz Paul

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