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The WDW Radio Show Disney Podcast Discuss Vinegar on French Fries! in the The WDW Radio Show forums; Vinegar on fries is the ONLY way to go!! I love salt & vinegar potato chips as well!!...
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    Re: Vinegar on French Fries!

    Vinegar on fries is the ONLY way to go!! I love salt & vinegar potato chips as well!!
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    Re: Vinegar on French Fries!

    as someone born and raised in London, England it is tradition everybody does it. i go to my local Fish & Chip shop and always order Large Cod and Large Chips, Salt & Vinegar all over Please!!!!! Haven't eaten at the Rose & Crown yet in the 23 times i've been to WDW because i wanna try other things rather than something i eat every weekend in england
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    Re: Vinegar on French Fries!

    Anyone who has lived outside the US has either had to learn to like vinegar on their fries (chips) or learned how to avoid it. I didn't acquire a taste for it, but there are enough potato chip products in England alone to prove that many people do. Of course, once you like vinegar on your chips, you can work on acquiring a taste for raw egg on pizza or maybe witchity grub sauce on your buffalo steak.
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