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The WDW Radio Show Disney Podcast Discuss Breathless II Video in the The WDW Radio Show forums; Lou, Thanks for the great video of Breathless II and Captains Mike and Todd. My DW and I had the chance to ride with Captain Mike on the original Breathless. ...
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    Thumbs up Breathless II Video


    Thanks for the great video of Breathless II and Captains Mike and Todd. My DW and I had the chance to ride with Captain Mike on the original Breathless. It was an outstanding experience that we will never forget.

    I envy you your "research" trips. That grin on your face said it all. Happy 4th of July!

    Paul in CT
    Paul in CT

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    Re: Breathless II Video

    I love that video!

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    Re: Breathless II Video

    Loved the video! Brought back happy memories of our ride on the Breathless. At the end of our exhilirating and wet ride for DSs we asked our captain to drop us off at The Studios. We were running short on time for our ADRs. As we approached the dock at DHS we saw a long line of guests waiting for the next ferry. What a grand feeling stepping onto the dock from The Breathless. Now that's a way to make an entrance!

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    Re: Breathless II Video

    This video also had a profound effect on myself. I've never ridden Breathless, part I or II for that matter, but I really really really really really really want to. My dad had a speed boat growing up, and I practically lived on that thing for much of my childhood (or, at least during the warmer months of it anyway), and watching Breathless glide across the water so effortlessly makes me miss those high speed boat rides across the lake, skimming so lightly across the surface of the water it almost felt like we were flying, or so it seemed. Of course, the gorgeously detailed Breathless II makes my dad's boat look like a little blue piece-o-carp (ok, not really, but obviously it was not on the same level), but that's beside the point. Breathless isn't exactly in my budget at the moment, but I'm certainly hoping that someday I too can experience this far-too-often overlooked wonder.

    BTW, just two days after watching this video, I saw Breathless cruising the waterways of WDW. I saw her pulling out of the marina dock, circle the lake, and head under the bridge towards Swan and Dolphin. About ten minutes later I saw her come FLYING back down the river on her way back from the Studios. I was so excited to see her come cruising by me like that at high speed. Made me all giddy, and made my day just that much better.
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