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The WDW Radio Show Disney Podcast Discuss Video preview of the Liberty Square Audio Guide to Walt Disney World in the The WDW Radio Show forums; ...
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    Video preview of the Liberty Square Audio Guide to Walt Disney World

    Video preview of the Liberty Square Audio Guide to Walt Disney World

    "Past this gateway stirs a new nation waiting to be born. Thirteen separate colonies have banded together to declare their independence from the bonds of tyranny. It is a time when silversmiths put away their tools and march to the drums of a revolution, a time when gentlemen planters leave their farms to become generals, a time when tradesmen leave the safety of home to become heroes. Welcome to Liberty Square"

    In this video, Lou Mongello gives you a preview of the latest in his Audio Guide to Walt Disney World CD and download series - Liberty Square.
    It is your guided walking tour of the history, trivia, hidden treasures and overlooked details of Liberty Square. Unique to Walt Disney World, it represents the fulfillment of one of Walt Disney's personal dreams to let guests interactively experience the significance of American history and folklore. It is a land that is a land that is less about fantasy and more about reality, and is replete with details and significance in design and architecture.

    In this series of audio guides, author and award-wining podcaster Lou Mongello will take you on a tour of the Walt Disney World Resort. This series will begin with each of the lands of the Magic Kingdom, and continue on to Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios, Disney's Animal Kingdom and more.

    Listen anytime to get that feeling of "being there‚" as we explore the parks in depth to help you plan your next magical vacation. You can also take the guide with you to the parks in order to enhance your experience. For those listeners that are visually impaired, you can experience Walt Disney World virtually at home, or take the tour along when you visit the parks, as Lou describes your surroundings in detail.

    To learn more, visit and listen to the award-wining WDW Radio Show, a free weekly podcast hosted by Lou Mongello covering the secrets, history and fun facts of Walt Disney World.

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    Re: Video preview of the Liberty Square Audio Guide to Walt Disney World

    This is by no means a loaded question Lou - far from it - but what is Disney's attitude towards you filming in the parks?

    The little frustrated film-maker in me really admires Disney's general laissez-faire attitude to letting one film openly in the parks, but does that stretch to people doing pieces-to-camera, holding microphones, etc? At what point does Disney step in and draw the line in the sand between vacation videos and production?

    Just curious.

    I admire the guts you have; I would be far too embarrased!

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    Re: Video preview of the Liberty Square Audio Guide to Walt Disney World

    When I sync'ed my ipod today, I got a message saying that the Liberty Square video preview wasn't downloaded to my Ipod (touch) because it couldn't be played on it. I've downloaded other WDW Radio video podcasts...I wonder what's going on? I watched it on my desktop, so I didn't miss it, but thought I might mention what happened.

    While I'm here, let me thank you, too, for making the 3 hours a day bus commute to the school I'm student teaching at this quarter more enjoyable!
    All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware. - Martin Buber

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    Re: Video preview of the Liberty Square Audio Guide to Walt Disney World

    I got the message that it wouldn't play on my iphone as well. When I tried to make a playable version by having itunes convert it, it would play the audio, but no video. Frump.

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