Hi everyone,

So I've been listening to Lou waaaaay back since he did MouseTunes with Nathan but since I have a lot of time at work right now to listen to podcasts I'm digging out many old episodes of WDW Radio again in order to prepare for my upcoming trip this summer (first time returning since I've been a CM at Germany in 2008!)

So anyways, I'm really enjoying the old shows, partly also because of the great structure they had: news, rumours, DSI, hidden treasures, listener questions etc..

So I know there's the newscast now and everything, but personally I don't want to download a seperate podcast "just" for news so I'm sticking to the WDW Radio episodes.

But what I miss most is the GREAT intros by Jonathan Dichter, the DSI's wich Jeff Pepper and also Mike Scopa being a regular guest. Why don't those guys show up anymore, has Lou ever mentioned this?

I'm not saying I don't absolutely love the way he currently does the show, but for ME personally the "old format" somehow worked out better, I just loved how one episode was made of a few "shorter" (by Lou's standards at least ) segments instead of one really long one. Is this just me?

Please, bring the voice of mousetunes back :-)