I'm a somewhat new listener to the podcast, although I've been a member of your site for years after searching for a post on Disney park music. I tended to only listen to a handful of postcasts, because too many of them seem to be hosted by people who have no business being behind a microphone. Senseless banter that would make listeners of even the most mundane morning radio cringe.

I finally decided to give yours a shot because the topics were ones that interested me. So I've been downloading your podcasts and have now getting around to listening to the ones on my iPod. Yesterday I was on the train heading into Manhattan, and I selected a short podcast that was labeled "Souveniers". Suddenly, where the podcast logo would be a tiny Lou Mongello was staring at me. I enjoyed watching your video podcast, and these little in a minute segements are great.

Thanks for bringing another dimension to the WDW Radio podcast. Keep them going, but not so often that they burn themselves out. Usually I start up a podcast and turn off the screen to save battery for the trip into the city. The video podcast took me completely by surprise. Nicely done, sir.