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The WDW Radio Show Disney Podcast Discuss 7 wonders of walt disney world in the The WDW Radio Show forums; 7. Expedition Everest - EE is a wonderful addition to AK, and it a great "weenie" for the park. Not only is Everest something special to look at, but it ...
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    7. Expedition Everest - EE is a wonderful addition to AK, and it a great "weenie" for the park. Not only is Everest something special to look at, but it really shows a mastery of how computers can revolutionize attraction experiences. The fact that EE has a roller coaster component that never touches the actual mountain structure is impressive, and is a leap in technology that makes me excited about how well-constructed attractions will be in the future.
    6. WDW's Restaurants - I have never been to another theme park that has put so much effort into make sure guest eat well, something I'm sure Lou and Nathan appreciate. The variety of restaurants on property have something for every taste, culture, and budget. One could argue that WDW is worth going to on vacation just for the food alone!
    5. Splash Mountain - I have always been impressed by how well Splash Mountain in the MK represents everything that makes Disney attractions wonderful: great characters, a slow moving dark ride experience, the boat ride element, audio-animatronics, and just the right amount of thrills. Also, after seeing the Disneyland version of this attraction, I am even more impressed with how well this attraction came together for WDW. The MK version is definitely a "plussed" version of the DL attraction, but it also shows how the Imagineers are willing to learn from their attractions and how to make them better over time, and across the world.
    4. WDW's Value Resorts - Walt Disney World is truly a place where almost any family can vacation, and the Value Resorts on property really promote this. Staying at one of these resorts will not break the bank, but the hotels are still very clean and nice. I am impressed with how WDW tries to make everything affordable to everyone, but still provide wonderful service.
    3. Cast Members - With its mammoth size, WDW employs many, many people. However, I have continually seen perfection from every Cast Member that works at the Florida Parks, and I am impressed by their willingness to go the extra mile with guests. I feel that WDW's cast member training must be some of the best in the business.
    2. WDW's Front Gates - I am a person who loves to make my trips to WDW a full immersion experience. Once I enter the "World," I usually do not leave the property until my vacation is finished. Therefore, going through the front gates of WDW is truly entering another world for me, and it's the first sign that my vacation has began.
    1. Spaceship Earth - As a true child of the 80's, Epcot has always been my favorite park. Future World has always been such a special place for me, and some of my fondest memories from childhood happened here. Spaceship Earth is obviously a wonderful attraction, but its physical structure impresses me as well. I also find it interesting that Spaceship Earth can clearly be seen from outside of the park, while Cinderella's Castle remains hidden until you reach Main Street USA, making Spaceship Earth a different kind of "weenie." Epcot Center was the first truly unique Disney Park ever built that was not a re-imagineering of Disneyland in some way. For me, Spaceship Earth represents this radical departure to a new type of theme park. The size and structure of Spaceship Earth was revolutionary at the time that it was built, and it is still an impressive showcase of what technology can do almost 25 years later. It is the perfect central icon for what Epcot hopes to accomplish; to provide a permanent World's Fair focussed on the continual education of all people through communication.

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    Seven Wonders of Disney World

    Having not been to WDW since Epcot was only 1-2 years old, this will be a rather interesting list (am going in June, by the way, so I may revise my list later )

    7. Expedition Everest - What can you say about this? Imagineering wonder in that there are three (count them, three) separate structures that can not and do not touch each other, all encased in this elaborate mountain. On top of that, it boasts the most complex (and biggest) audio-animatronic ever created by imagineers. That's a wonder.

    6. Spaceship Earth - It is truly one of a kind. The world's only geodesic sphere. It was amazing when I first saw it years ago, I know it will be amazing when I go back.

    5. Cast Members - No one does service like Disney. They make the magic come to life.

    4. Utiladors - The Imagineers really came up with a true brainchild with this one. The system is the perfect way to provide all the maintenance and service a park like the Magic Kingdom needs in a nearly invisible fashion.

    3. Rockin' Rollercoaster - 0-60 in 2.8 seconds?!?! That's acceleration for you. This technology is such a wonder that, word is, the Navy and NASA are looking to adapt it for their uses.

    2. Animal Kingdom - An african safari in the middle of Florida? Only Disney could pull it off. Not only are there real live safari animals, there also are trees and other vegetation that either are from Africa or look just like it. Most impressive.

    1. Walt and Roy Disney - Walt was the one who started it all and had the vision. Roy was the one who made the vision into reality and worked to continue the vision. The two together are Disney's biggest wonder.

    There you go - the top 7 wonders of WDW.

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    7. the magic
    6. Spaceship Earth
    5. The Monorail...just because it's my favorite thing!
    4. The Magic
    3. Cast Members
    2. Using the land they HAD and made what they HAVE
    1. THE MAGIC

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    What are the official 7 from the podcast?
    I hope we never lose sight of one thing. That this was all started by a mouse. -Walt Disney

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