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The WDW Radio Show Disney Podcast Discuss 7 wonders of walt disney world in the The WDW Radio Show forums; on the podcast lou said about GMA doing the 7 wonders of the new world well my list is 1) Space Mountain because of the structure with putting the support ...
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    7 wonders of walt disney world

    on the podcast lou said about GMA doing the 7 wonders of the new world
    well my list is

    1) Space Mountain because of the structure with putting the support beams on the outside to create a smooth serface on the inside
    2) Spaceship Earth taking buckminster fullers geodesic sphere thing and making the first geodesic sphere lifted off the ground...
    3) The Magic Kingdom itself
    4) Tree of life because of them taking an oil rig structure to make the tree
    5) Kiliminjaro Safaris
    6) Tower of terror because of the technology to create the ride
    7) The services the Disney Co. offers ........

    those are mine!!

    now what is your opinion on the 7 Wonders of WDW
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    Mine would be.....

    1. Main Street USA
    2. Festival of the Lion King
    3. Carousel of Progress
    4. The Tree of Life
    5. Cinderella's Castle
    6. The World Showcase
    7. Mickey Mouse

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    Here are my lovely picks:

    1. Cinderella Castle
    2. Carousel of Progress
    3. Spaceship Earth
    4. Epcot's Fountains
    5. Wishes
    6. Illuminations
    7. The World Showcase
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    I think mine would be:
    1. Tower of Terror
    2. Mission Space
    3. Spaceship Earth
    4. Test track
    5. Haunted Mansion
    6. The American Adventure
    7. Space Mountain

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    Here is my list:

    1. Spaceship Earth
    2. Cinderella Castle
    3. Tree of Life
    4. Tower of Terror
    5. Everest
    6. Utilidors
    7. Main Street USA
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    (No particular order)

    1. Spaceship Earth
    2. Cinderella Castle
    3. Expedition Everest
    4. Tower of Terror
    5. Pirates of the Caribbean
    6. Seven Seas Lagoon
    7. Tree of Life
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    Seven Wonders of Walt Disney (World)

    1. Disneyland (and I'm not just saying that to be sarcastic. Without Disneyland, there would not be a WDW - and Disneyland is a wonder to behold in itself)
    2. Tower of Terror
    3. Spaceship Earth (how the heck do they get an entire attraction in there??)
    4. Any castle in any Disney park
    5. Fantasmic (the DL version)
    6. The Main Street Electrical Parade
    7. Space Mountain

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    Given the nature of the actual, original, Wonders of the World (as in, the Pyramid of Giza, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Lighthouse at Alexandria, etc. Wonders of human innovation, accomplishment, and architecture.), these are my choices:

    in no order, of course...

    1. the Monorail
    2. the solar powered Universe of Energy pavilion
    3. the lifted Bucky Ball of Spaceship Earth
    4. Space Mountain
    5. the Tower of Terror's trackless ride system
    6. animatronics (any)
    7. the Land pavilion at Epcot (namely, the experimental agriculture)
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    Here are mine - in no order

    1. How the Disney Imagineers turned swap land into WDW
    2. The development of Audio Animatronics
    3. Spaceship Earth
    4. The Land attraction - really the new ways of growing food shown in the latter part of the ride and how it is used throughout the park
    5. The ride vehicles for Dinosaur (CTX Rover I think they're called)
    6. The Tree of Life - from the oil rig to the beautiful carved animals
    7. How about the feeling you get when you're walking down Main Street looking at the castle?

    Honorable Mention:
    Stich's Great Escape - Just Kidding
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    1. Spaceship Earth
    2. Monorail System
    3. Dole Whips!!!!
    4. Mission Space (If you can handle the G's!)
    5. Utilidors
    6. That the land went from flat to what it all is today
    7. Illuminations

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    here are my 7 picks (like the rest no specific order)

    1. Haunted Mansion
    2. Cinderella Castle
    3. Spaceship Earth
    4. Tree of Life
    5. Expedition Everest
    6. Monorail
    7. World Showcase

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    Although I emailed this to the fine hosts of MouseTunes, I thought I'd post My Seven Wonders:

    1) Expedition Everest

    The thought, detail, traveling and imagination that went into this ride make it a wonder for me. The village of Serka Zong at the base of the mountain sets the stage for this trek up the forbidden mountain. If it were a true mountain it would be Florida’s fourth largest peak.

    (2) World Showcase

    For those of us who are not world travelers, this may be as close as we come to ever visiting Morocco or China. The fact that they can represent each country so authentically, is truly wonderful to me. Besides, where else can you have margarita in Mexico at noon and a proper pint in the UK by 3:00 p.m.??

    (3) Spaceship Earth

    This is truly a technological wonder. It is 18 stories high and quoting directly from Wikipedia here; “Geometrically, Spaceship Earth is a pentakis dodecahedron, with each of the 60 equilateral triangle faces divided into 16 smaller equilateral triangles (with a bit of fudging to make it rounder). Each of those 960 flat panels is sub-divided into four triangles, each of which is divided into three isosceles triangles to form each point. In theory, there are 11,520 total isosceles triangles forming 3840 points. In reality, some of those triangles are partially or fully nonexistent due to supports and doors; there are actually only 11,324 of them, with 954 partial or full flat panels.”

    (4) Audio-Animatronics

    I don’t think Disneyland or Walt Disney World, would be nearly as popular as they are today if it weren’t for the use of Audio-Animatronics. It is these very life-like, animated figures that give so many of Disney’s greatest attractions their sparkle. Lucky the dinosaur was the first free roaming audio-animatronic.

    (5) The Monorail

    Although monorail systems may be more commonplace today (Las Vegas, etc.), it is still an undisputed symbol for Disneyland and Walt Disney World. The Monorail has traveled the equivalent of 21 trips around the world. That’s pretty wondrous!!

    (6) Cinderella’s Castle

    It’s 189 feet high, but uses forced perspective to make it appear larger. I just love forced perspective and how it is used throughout the park! Did you know that the tops of the towers and a couple spires are made with gold and gold leaf? And apparently the rumor about Disney removing those towers during a hurricane are false?

    (7) Tree of Life

    There are 325 carved animals on this 145 ft tall tree. Really, need I say more?
    “To all who come to this happy place; welcome. Disneyland is your land. Here age relives fond memories of the past...and here youth may savor the challenge and promise of the future. Disneyland is dedicated to the ideals, the dreams and the hard facts that have created America...with the hope that it will be a source of joy and inspiration to all the world.”

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    I would say SE as my first becuase since i'm going to be a structural engineer and it was designed by structural engineers. Other than that, I choose ToT and Summit Plummit....also Tree of Life, Cinderella castle (becuase of all of hte different styles put into it)...there are so many to name! Oh! The contemporary (since the monorail goes through it).

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    What is a Wonder?

    What is a Wonder? I recently received a book, Wonders of the World, which identifies some themes:
    1. A certain grandeur and majesty of scale
    2. A desire for immortality, for preserving the name and reputation of great men and women.
    3. Icons of human scientific ingenuity and skill.
    4. Touched by a relation to the divine.
    5. Works that deserve to be called "works of art."
    I started to think about whether I could correlate Walt Disney World Wonder to one of the Wonders of the Ancient World. I think I can, and so here goes, my suggestions for the Wonders.

    The most ancient of Wonders, and the only one still standing, is the Great Pyramid of Giza, and here I say to go with your first instincts: Spaceship Earth. Like the Pyramid, Spaceship Earth is a simple geometric solid, and each is an engineering achievement. This has grandeur and majesty of scale in spades. (And evidently I'm not the only one who thinks so: all but one of the earlier posts also include Spaceship Earth.)

    The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were built to cheer up the homesick wife of a Babylonian ruler by recreating the green, rugged, and mountainous terrain of her home amidst the flat, sun-baked terrain of Mesopotamia (modern Iraq). The Gardens didn't "hang," but rather were terraced. All this brings to mind the beautiful Canada Pavilion, and in particular its beautiful gardens inspired by the Butchart Gardens in Victoria, British Columbia. And doesn't "green, rugged, and mountainous" describe Canada? And for that matter, "flat, sun-baked" sounds a bit like Central Florida.

    Artemis was the virgin goddess of the hunt, wild animals, wilderness, the moon, and safety in childbirth. A Greek poet wrote, "When I saw the temple [of Artemis] at Ephesus rising to the clouds, all these other wonders were put in the shade." Is it a stretch to identify Cinderalla's Castle with this wonder? I think of Cinderella and the mice, her dance with the prince in the moon light, and the shining beauty of the Castle.

    In the Statue of Zeus at Olympia, Zeus is seated on a throne and holds in his right hand a small statue of Nike, goddess of victory, and in his left hand, a scepter with a perched eagle. This one puzzled me for a while, and then I figured it out. The king of the Disney gods is, of course, Walt himself. The statue Partners with Walt and Mickey is my fourth Wonder of Walt Disney World, and it certainly preserves the name and reputation of a great man.

    No expense was spared in building the Mausoleum of Maussollos at Halicarnassus, the tomb of a provincial king in Persia. And nothing says "tomb" like Haunted Mansion. The Gothic exterior is amazing, and for me certainly qualifies as grand and majestic.

    The Colossus of Rhodes, a giant statue of the sun god Helios, stood in the harbor of the Greek island of Rhodes. The colossus of park icons is The Tree of Life in Animal Kingdom. As a work of art it is rich and deeply rewarding. I treasure the vistas of the tree that can be gained from throughout the park.

    The Lighthouse of Alexandria was among the tallest structures built in the Ancient World and could be seen for miles. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is the third-tallest structure at the World (Expedition Everest is six inches taller, and with the wand, Spaceship Earth is the tallest at 221 feet). The queue, appearance of the tower, and the total depth of the theming is incredible. The Lighthouse was destroyed by an earthquake, and while the Tower wasn't destroyed, it too had a nasty run in with the forces of nature...

    Submitted for your consideration.
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    that has got to be the best 1st post I have ever seen on this site. I, too, tried to make parallels between the Ancient Wonders and my choices for WDW Wonders, albeit I didn't take it quite as far as you did, nor did I get nearly as in-depth in my post. but for doing just that, I say a big kudos to you.

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