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WDW Theme Parks Discuss Huge Dilemma in the Vacation Planning forums; I just saw a few days ago that the restaurant in Japan, Teppanyaki, has changed its rehab dates. Instead of being closed until the end of May, it's now closed ...
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    Huge Dilemma

    I just saw a few days ago that the restaurant in Japan, Teppanyaki, has changed its rehab dates. Instead of being closed until the end of May, it's now closed until the beginning of July! My trip is scheduled for June 16-27 and I had made a PS there thinking it would be open. Here's the dilemma: I am a super planner and now I have a dinner meal open. I know I want to eat at a table service restaurant in Epcot, but I'm not sure where to go. I already have PS for the restaurants in Mexico, Italy, China, and Canada. Any suggestions of where we should dine? (I've been thinking about the Coral Reef but I've seen mixed reviews)

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    What about France or the Garden Grill? Rose & Crown isn't bad either. You already have my favorite on your list -Canada.

    Good luck figuring it out!


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    The Coral Reef is has really great atmosphere..its worth a try, if you schedule dinner early and arrive early you can normally be sat right next to the aquarium!
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    Go to the Garden Grill it's got great food and is great fun!
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    I had two wonderful meals at Coral Reef last year, and would definitely recommend it. Garden Grill is a character meal, with skillets of food brought to the table for the family to share. It was good but not at the same level as Coral Reef.

    There is a review of Coral Reef in the MouseMap section for another opinion.
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    I would have to second the Garden Grill, it's my favorite character meal on property. The food is amazing, and the character interaction has always been a lot of fun!
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    I like the Garden Grill and the Coral Reef. Both are good choices. I think kids would enjoy Garden Grill better and it is a LOT of food. Coral Reef is great for kids also and is also more romantic. Not sure what your group is made up of but maybe that will help.

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    What about Morocco?

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    I have never been to the Coral Reef, but the Garden Grill was good food and great interaction with the characters.
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    I second Morocco, especially if you love spices (spices, not spicy) & live entertainment.
    I can't give my opinion about Coral Reef (never went) but it's something I would want to try.

    You can go here:

    to view the menus of most (if not all) restaurants.
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