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WDW Theme Parks Discuss Epcot with little ones in the Vacation Planning forums; I took my 19 month old son to MK this weekend with our newly purchased annual pass He loved the park, and we did not come anywhere close to seeing ...
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    Epcot with little ones

    I took my 19 month old son to MK this weekend with our newly purchased annual pass He loved the park, and we did not come anywhere close to seeing or doing everything but I think we would like to change things up a bit next visit and go to Epcot. I have generally felt that Epcot is geared a little more towards older kids and adults, but because Riley is my first child I never had any reason to look for things to do with little ones while I may have missed alot!
    Have any of you had expereinces with toddlers at Epcot? Is there anything we should be sure not to miss? Are there any play areas and where are the best character greeting spots?
    Thanks for your help!
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    I think kids enjoy those FunCot mask stations.......they always seem so crowded.......and they can get them stamped at all the different countries

    Besides that I know that kids really like the games at Innoventions including Toon Tag

    And in terms of meet and greets there always seems to be a good deal of characters at the American Adventure Pavillion. Plus the native characters at their native countries. E.g. Aladdin and Genie at Morocco
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    Innoventions is fun for little ones. I didn't notice that my younger one cared for the Kidcot stops when he was that age, but we did it anyway since big sis wanted to do it. But there is fun stuff to do all over Futureworld.

    He did enjoy meeting all the characters in World Showcase at that age, especially the princesses. I think little ones at that age (mine included) enjoy seeing the performers in different countries too.

    He should enjoy Nemo with the exception of the part with the angler fish. Turtle Talk is good but check it out first thing since it is so popular. There are good character greets in Futureworld too but I can't remember exactly where. The one I am thinking of had both Chip and Dale, Minnie, Pluto, and Goofy. I can't remember if Mickey was there are not. I think it was in the direction of Soarin. Someone help me out with the location.
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    The Seas with Nemo and Friends has a lot to just look at, as well as the ride and the Turtle Talk show.

    There is a space playground inside the exit to Mission:Space - one of those climb through things you find at fast food restaurant playplaces.

    The Livin' with the Land boat ride is slow but if he likes boats he might enjoy it. Imagination's imageworks lab may have some activities he'd enjoy, but the ride has some loud noises and dark spots that can be scary. The jumping fountains outside the pavilion are fun.

    The character connection is what I believe turkeymama is thinking of, it is in the building where the Fountainview Cafe and Club Cool are located.

    Over in World Showcase, the train layout by Germany fascinated my son.

    At 18 months we found there really wasn't all that much at Epcot for my son, but he enjoyed just riding around in his stroller watching the people. We spent a lot of time waiting for his Dad & sister to come back from a ride or show (and even this past trip when he was 3 1/2 we still spent a lot of time doing that). Canada has a beautiful view at the top of the stairs, Norway was fun to watch the Malestrom boats approach the waterfall, and there is a Thomas the Tank engine trainboard set up in the Toy Soldier shop in the UK.

    Oh, and there are splash fountains on the bridge between Future World and World Showcase, and I believe another set by Test Track. Bring dry clothes
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    What to expect.

    I can remember being 4 years old and having great memories of Epcot. My younger brother hated it (still kind of does, and he's 22). It was because of the lack of "Disney" related attractions. In recent years, Epcot has undergone serious recontruction so that it can be enjoyed by people of all ages, not just for adults as it was in the 80's.

    Future World:
    The Seas with Nemo and Friends is one of those attractions refitted towards children. The Wonders of Life used to have a lot of different projects for kids, but they shut it down in Jan. 2004. It is only open seasonally (usually holidays). Test Track and Mission: Space may be too wild for him. Universe of Energy is a 45-min ride that may frighten him, a lot of loud noises and scary images (unless he likes dinosaurs). Imagination! also has some loud noises because it focuses on your senses, but Figment is back and he makes it a lot more fun than before.

    World Showcase:
    The boat ride at Mexico is down for refurb, I'm sure that's what Lou said. Malstrom at Norway could be scary because of the trolls. There are no "rides" anywhere else in World Showcase, but there are a lot of character greetings. Check the daily information guide for times and shows. There are also the Kidcot stops. My nieces love to do that everytime.

    I'm not trying to get you out of going to Epcot, I just want to prepare you for what to expect. Rule of thumb to follow, if your child likes to learn, then they will love Epcot.
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