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WDW Theme Parks Discuss Favorite Ride in the Vacation Planning forums; Easy; The Haunted Mansion. I hope they don't ruin it with this current refurb....
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    Re: Favorite Ride

    Easy; The Haunted Mansion. I hope they don't ruin it with this current refurb.
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    Re: Favorite Ride

    As above.

    The caverns at Pirates are my favourite place at any Disney park - now and in the past - but the changes they made elsewhere knock it down a few notches below HM.

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    Re: Favorite Ride

    Spaceship Earth

    It was the first ride i ever went on, and now has to be the first ride i go on each time i visit.

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    Re: Favorite Ride

    Splash Mountain

    Toy Story Mania, RnRC, Test Track and Everest all get honorable mention
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    Re: Favorite Ride

    Quote Originally Posted by TheH2s View Post
    This is a no-brainer...Splash Mountain. Best ride in any park. It's true...Google it.

    Seriously though this ride has it all..water, a handful of drops, audio animatronics, great music, the queue is one of the best in all the parks, and it has a awesome story that is told throughout the ride.

    The answer to this thread is Splash Mountain for me.
    For me the answer changes from day to day. Right now a I agree with Splash Mountain. This would be a great ride without the drop. It combines the best of a dark ride with the best of a thrill ride, it is perfect.

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    Re: Favorite Ride

    Tower of Terror, of course.

    Many others though among my favorites. And (gasp) a special off site mention to Universal's The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman ride.

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    Re: Favorite Ride

    The wife says Expedition: Everest.
    I say Soarin'.
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    Re: Favorite Ride

    Pirates of the Carribbean at the moment
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    Re: Favorite Ride

    I can't really decide...

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