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Poll: Have you ever been personally injured on Disney property?

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WDW Theme Parks Discuss Personal Injuries on Disney Property in the Vacation Planning forums; I got injured on Test Track, but it was sorta my own fault, my hand and wrist haven't really been the same since!...
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    I got injured on Test Track, but it was sorta my own fault, my hand and wrist haven't really been the same since!
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    Do tell!
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    Haven't been injured myself, apart from the odd ramming from wheelchair or pushchair! But in those kinds of crowds, with loads of excited people all wanting to get to the same place, it's amazing that Disney doesn't have more accidents really! I have a friend who used to work in a theme park here in the UK and told me some of the stupid things people do on rides - putting their hands in the water on rides like IASW for example, and then realising that the boat is on a rail! My friend had to escort two young men from the park after they tried to swim against the tide in a ride like that! I guess that's why Disney has so many warning signs - cos some people just don't think!

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    The only injury I've had was shin splints do to all the walking!
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    Well I've slammed my knees on door corners while walking around my hotel room(I do this a lot) and one time at Blizzard Beach I fell on my rear which randomly made my neck hurt, but other than that, I have been accident free!
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    Do Blisters count?

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    Yes! Hee Hee! I'm sure we've all had blisters though!
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    Disneyland injuries.

    I was in the Golden Horseshoe and an old man drove an ECV right into me.

    My knee is ruined by a slip and fall because they hosed of the area that is slippery when wet.

    Skinned a heel when I misstepped onto the canal boats.

    Back pain from Indiana Jones ride.

    Severe gluten, wheat, soy and egg reactions. Puked into the bushes in Downtown Disney.

    Got ill for pin trading in the rain.

    Major pain in my back from a person hitting my car in Autopia and while I am screaming they kept hitting my car over and over while the CM did NADA, ZIP AND ZILCH. Wam into the car in front of me, my foot hit the gas so I ricocheted between the two cars all the way to the front of the line.

    Had that happen before.

    regular falls and idotic stuff.


    I got sick because Epcot in 1998 did not sell in September large person's clothing. I could not find one sweater or sweatshirt in xxl.
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    About 6 or 7 years ago, I was staying at the Old Key West Resort with my family. It had been a very long and exciting day, and it was finally time to unwind. We had been at Typhoon Lagoon that day(If my memory is correct), and I went into the shower. The shower did not have a mat placed on the slippery floor for gripping. When I went to get out of the shower, I slipped, fell, and ended up cracking my jaw open pretty badly. This fall shifted my teeth. Luckily, I am getting braces this year. My dentist did not want me to get braces earlier, because they were baby teeth, and that they may shift back.(Which they didn't lol)

    Let's just say that Old Key West now has mats in their showers.

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    Does Food Poisoning Count, as my husband & I just had that happen in Animal Park last week on our trip.... I sent them a letter..... I hope they contact me as this one WAS there fault!!!!! It just would be nice for them to acknowledge the problem we had!

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    I have never been injured on disney property, i fell once because it was wet... but I didn't get hurt
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    -I kid, I kid

    I always seem to stub my toe on the curb at Main Street, and one time I took a miss-step and twisted my ankle, but that one was totally my fault.
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    I have seen so many people hurt from the Mission Space ride, almost one out every ten times I pass by that place. There is a small crowd of CMs and/or EMTs "handling a situation". Those people need to get in touch with they're MILD side.
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    My wife and I were visiting Disneyland, and we rode our motorcycle from the hotel to the park and when my wife got off of the bike she burnt her calf on the muffler. OUCH!!! We went to the first aid station, and they were pretty persistent on getting us to say that this wasn't Disney's fault. After we cleared that up, they gave us great medical attention.

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    I fell down the steps at PI going down to where the Comedy Club exit is. This is BEFORE I'd had anything to drink that night. Sprained my ankle, they asked if I wanted x-rays and they would feel better if I got I went. They refunded my friend's ticket price to PI that night. Turns out it was just a sprain and I got to claim it on Worker's Comp since I was on property. I went back to the doctor for a follow up and never heard anything about it again. I think it was nice that they refunded my friend's ticket price though even though we had only been there for like 10 minutes. Long enough to walk from the Entrance over by Mannequins to the dock by the Comedy Club exit. I did get a follow up call a few weeks later to check and make sure my "magical experience" hadn't been ruined. HAHAH
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