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Poll: Have you ever been personally injured on Disney property?

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WDW Theme Parks Discuss Personal Injuries on Disney Property in the Vacation Planning forums; I've never been injured myself, except for a few triping incidents which don;t count since I trip over air, but my aunt's gotten pretty banged up. It was our last ...
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    I've never been injured myself, except for a few triping incidents which don;t count since I trip over air, but my aunt's gotten pretty banged up. It was our last night there and we were leaving from have dinner at the Grand Floridian. We were going down some stairs and my aunt just went down. She slid down the stairs on her knees. Had some very nice black and blue makes and a few scarpes. She luckly didn't hit her head. The CMs there wanted her to go to the hospital but it was our last night and we didn't want to spend it in the hospital. They did get someone to drive us back to our hotel since we would have had to go to DtD to get a bus to PopCentury.

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    My mom tripped on the curb at MK and had to go to the first aid station by the Crystal Palace. She had a nice scrap on her knee.

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    there was a pole behind me and i turned around and walked right into it... hit my head pretty hard and couldn't stand for a minute.
    *sigh and blush* and it's not the only time i've done that.... i did that at work (in a place i should be familiar enough with to know where the ONE giant pole is in the middle of the store) too and i still get made fun of.
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    uhmm...It had just got done raining and I had flip flops and we were making our way to the "land part" (My brain just shut down, i can't think of what its called..) of EPCOT and i slipped and fell right in the middle of everyone...i wasn't hurt, my butt was sore and everyone stared at me..I felt a little stupid. But I was fine!

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    Well, nothing broken, so I voted "NO". But, this past January I was at Disney and me and my father had just come into the park at around seven or so at night after we had been at Animal Kingdom. Our plan was to get tickets to the Pirate & the Princess party and just ride rides all night. However, coming into Main Street there was a huge traffic jam! A parade had just ended, and everyone was trying to take their kids and go home or into the park. So, we're stuck in a mob for about twenty minutes when some lady comes ramming through the line with an over-sized stroller for one kid. (The child was like six or so, I think he could've walked a little.) Anyhow, she comes in.. and rams into me and knocks me over. So, I'm down on the ground with a huge bruise on my back for about fifteen minutes, because I couldn't get up seeing it was so crowded.

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    OK so I guess you couldn't really call this being injured, but I've had arthritis since I was in the 2nd grade. (I'm 17 now) Anyway I haven't had any problems with it since then. My mom planned a surprise Disney trip that I actually just got off of on Wednesday. JUST before we left like literally a week or so, arthritis flared up in my left foot. Blood tests and the whole she-bang... I was on medication there but for some reason my foot got MASSIVE. I couldn't get my shoes on hardly and I almost bought a cane to help me walk through the parks. Solution: Buy some crocs. I used to not like those things cuz I thought they were uncomfortable but they're actually really nice when your foots swollen and you can't hardly walk on it. After I got those, I was golden
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    I sprained my ankle at WDW. I didn't sue because A: I still want Disney to have enough money to run WDW. B: The CMs were really nice in helping me get up off the ground, and do things that my ankle prevented me from doing on my own. and C: It's just a sprained ankle, no one's sued for something that small before! and D: I've sprained that exact ankle at least 20 times. It's not a rare occurence.
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    I was about 5 months pregnant and because my center of gravity was off, I was so clumsy. I tripped over a stroller and fell forward and landed on my knees and palms. I tore my pants and scraped my hands but luckily that was all.
    Years ago, my niece was swinging one of the HUGE chains in Adventureland and hit herself in the chin and bit her tongue almost through. Blood gushed everywhere and she screamed forever. I haven't even noticed if the chains are still there or whether they were removed because they were a safety hazard.

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    My mom got bit by a spider or some other type of bug at AKL and her foot and ankle were swollen for a good week. Yeah, waiting 4 hours at the clinic near the crossroads for her to get looked at, then wait another hour for the meds from turner, that was fun *sarcasm*
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    On my last trip my mom had recently had knee surgery and needed an electric wheelchair to get around. I forget exactly how this incident happened but I think it went like this: We were outside the Pirates of the Caribbean gift shop waiting out a bad rainstorm (in that covered area) when we decided that it wasn't going to stop and we should just go. So in my mother's haste to leave she ran over my foot. I don't remember screaming but my dad said I had a very painful look on my face. Luckily my foot was fine after a few hours. But I will never go near my mother in an electric wheelchair again.

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    My mother tripped walking up the step toward Cap'n Jacks last week (she didn't notice there was a step, as she was looking off to the left at the Marina.) She fell forward, and skinned her knee a bit. She was fine. We walked into the restaurant, and she went to the restroom to clean her knee off. She then took a seat in the waiting area. About 5 minutes later, a very official-looking CM appeared, asking if she'd fallen and if she needed any medical care at all ("Do you want us to take you to the hospital, do you need a first aid kit, etc"). My mother assured her she was perfectly fine. The CM said if she changed her mind later, or the next day felt something wrong, or anything along those lines, to call the number on the card she gave her, and Disney would take care of whatever she needed.

    Obviously, Disney was concerned about a lawsuit of someone getting hurt on their property, but I was still rather amazed. I can only assume the Cap'n Jacks CM immediately called some sort of hotline as soon as she fell.

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    DD scraped her back at the wave pool at TL when she was 4. The CM took her to first aid immediately. I was surprised how quickly they reacted. It did not bother DD at all and she wanted to go back to the pool and continue to play.

    We were with another family and we took them through the MK. On our way to SM for the third time their 10 YO daughter, whom I call Bulldog, was hit by a woman with a stroller filled with packages. Bulldog was quick to react and pushed the stroller back into the woman. The lady was stunned for a moment before asking me if I was going to do anything about my daughter's behavior. I replied "Yes I am!" "Bulldog, way to go maybe that lady will watch where she is going in the future." Bulldog did have a nice bruise above her ankle, it is just in her nature to not let things bother her. BTW Bulldog was barely tall enought to ride the rides and weighed about 55 lbs.

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    wow some of these stories are gruesome! ive nvr been really hurt or seen anyone hurt at disney world. although i did hear of someone getting jumped when i was in magic kingdom this past year. i didnt hear much about it, but i heard it hapened when i saw a bunch of ppl standing around a particular spot and there was cops there. but thts about it i think?

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