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WDW Theme Parks Discuss Treasures of Walt Disney World in the Vacation Planning forums; I love the little theater in the back of the Exposition Hall in Main Street - It has some great photo ops, is always empty (even on really crowded days) ...
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    I love the little theater in the back of the Exposition Hall in Main Street - It has some great photo ops, is always empty (even on really crowded days) is air conditioned and a great place to just sit and relax
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    the boats go from Port Orleans to Downtown Disney & u see water, people, lots of cool stuff!

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    I think Fort Wilderness altogether is a hidden treasure, from the ponies to the electric parade. My favorite thing about Fort Wilderness is the marsmallow roast and sing a long with Chip and Dale. My kids always have a blast, and after the songs, and smores, there is a Disney movie shown on an outside movie screen. Take a quilt and stretch out on the ground. It truly is a memorable evening!

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    Lou is doing a hidden treasure segment on the show now I like to think this thread had somthing to do with that.
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    Re: Treasures of Walt Disney World

    I couldn't agree with you more. Everything you have mentioned is a hidden treasure. Although, I'm going to say my favorite hidden treasures is those little paths everywhere. You know, like in the resorts, the parks to a certain extent, and everywhere else. I just love those!! For example, in a resort. The All-Stars are perfect for thsi. They have those little hidden paths that go from one building to another and with very little light, but they are kinda cool.
    Also, I have to single out the different countries in World Showcase. The countries themselves aren't hidden but the paths in the back are. For example, next time your in the World Showcase and go to Morocco. Not many people walk all the way back to the end of the place. In fact, pay phones are back there and nothing else. Yet, many people don't notice these even if they are unimportant. They are cool though.
    *P.S. Go to Morocco and all teh other pvilions in the world showcase at night and for extra magic hours. the park is actually pretty empty at night, so go back there. It's definetely more magical!!

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    Cool Re: Treasures of Walt Disney World

    When the Year of a milion dreams campain was going on my family and I were at the world for a long weekend. We went to Epcot an hour before opening so when it opend we could ride soarin' right at the open and have no line to wait in. But as some of you know when they let you in when the park opens right in the middle of Future world there is a giant rope that prohibits you from getting in to Epcot. Well we were standing there with tons of other guests a cast member came up to us. He said how many of you are in your party. We said three. he said well ok would you like to be Epcot's family of the day. We of course said yes. He said well come on up here to the foutain in the middle of inoventions plaza. Here comes Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofey, Tigger, and some other ones i can not remember. We took pictures with them. Now here comes a cast member in a test track car driving right through future world. There were the crash test dummeys in the car too haha it was great. So my family and i got in this car and the cast member drove to test track and there waiting was yet anouther cast member. She told us that we were going to be the first ones to ride test track for the day. So we get in a test track car. WE WERE THE ONLY ONES IN THERE!!!!!! It was so cool, and when we were done she told us we could stay in that same car and ride again! so we did. We got off and she handed us fast past pages for all the rides in Epcot. So we went to go get on soarin' and there was a great dream maker in there named elton. He put us in the front off the line and the top row on the ride. And the rest of the day was just filled with great things.

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