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WDW Theme Parks Discuss Fox's Hat; Parrot Problems; More - Days Notes - 3/24 in the Vacation Planning forums; I thought it would be helpful, informative and fun to report some random notes from days I go to the parks. I'm usually in the parks 3 or 4 times ...
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    Fox's Hat; Parrot Problems; More - Days Notes - 3/24

    I thought it would be helpful, informative and fun to report some random notes from days I go to the parks. I'm usually in the parks 3 or 4 times a week. I'll post anything I discover. If there is something you want me to check out feel free to make requests.

    Splash Mountain
    • - The Splash was turned on... unfortunately.
    • - The ride was broken down for awhile around 8:30. We've seen it broken down three times in the past two weeks. Interesting considering the rehab that ended at the end of January. The fact that they replaced the ride mechanics and it's been broken down as much as it has scares me.
    • - The wait was about 20 minutes at 9:00.
    • - Brer Fox was missing his hat during the first scene we see him in.
    • - Hopping Brer Rabbit STILL isn't working. Until I post an update just assume it isn't working. He's not working more often than not.
    • - They really need to work on the show aspect of the attraction. The rehab focused on machanics but the show is what really needs some work. There are rips in the screen behind the ferryboat, you can see into the Briar Patch that Brer Bear is stuck in which reveals a look behind the scenes, some of the animatronics are hit-n-miss the past couple months and some of the scenary just looks filthy.
    • - The waterfall next to the dip into the ferryboat scene was on tonight. Some nights it is on, others not. I'm not sure what really determines this.
    Pirates of the Caribbean
    • - For some reason the park was packed in front of the entrance to Pirates of the Caribbean. There were tons and tons of people just standing around every time we passed by.
    • - The wait for Pirates of the Caribbean was 20 minutes.
    • - It was very interesting, but the parrot next to the muddy foot pirate was going crazy tonight. He was moving around incredibly fast and looking really out of control. It was pretty funny looking especially when he started doing the "Hah-ah-hah-ah haaaaa" singing noise. He looked crazy and we just lost it. Very funny stuff.
    The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh
    • - The wait time posted was 20 but took only 2 minutes or so to actually get on.
    Space Mountain
    • - The wait at 11 was still 80 minutes long. Needless to say, we didn't wait. I couldn't believe it was that long.
    Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin
    • - It seems the guns are having some trouble. The past couple of rides we've had a few problems getting them to work.
    Haunted Mansion
    • - The wait time posted was 20 minutes but was actually about 5 minutes.
    • - The singing bust weren't singing tonight. They're faces were stuck with their eyes closed and made no noise. ... So when is that rehab again?
    New update soon. Possibly tomorrow. Thanks for reading.

    Disclaimer: This post is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Disney World Trivia, Walt Disney World or the Walt Disney Company.

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    Thanks for that update. It sounds like Splash needs some care!
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    splash was down in january when we last went, so we are looking forward to our june visit to ride the waves again!

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