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  • Stay at your Resort

    1 3.70%
  • Animal Kingdom

    1 3.70%
  • Magic Kingdom

    17 62.96%
  • Typhoon Lagoon

    0 0%
  • Blizzard Beach

    0 0%
  • Epcot

    0 0%
  • MGM

    4 14.81%
  • Downtown Disney

    4 14.81%
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WDW Theme Parks Discuss Where do you go first and why in the Vacation Planning forums; I would love to know where people go and why there first day I go to Magic Kingdom and go to eat there b/c its the most magical and i ...
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    Wink Where do you go first and why

    I would love to know where people go and why there first day

    I go to Magic Kingdom and go to eat there b/c its the most magical and i have the best memories there
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    we get in late in the day after driving all night so we rest in the room and maybe head over to downtown disney..
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    Same here Chrissy. Drive down, leaving Raleigh entirely too early, arrive at the hotel mid afternoon, rest for a little bit and then off to Downtown Disney for a little dinner and people watching.
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    We either go to AK or MGM since we arrive in orlando around 9 we do a park thats not so big...
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    Usually we run over to MK just because it's the iconic park and really defines WDW for us.

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    we usually arrive at disney world mid-afternoon and then check in at the hotel and then go to the magic kingdom
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    We always get the earliest flight so we have the most time in the parks. After we check in we go right to the Magic Kingdom. When we see that castle for the first time it hits us that we are in Disney World!!!!

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    I see a pattern here....well, guess where we are going on our first day? Since we can't check-in until late afternoon, we'll be at MK too!

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    we go to the mk first--its just the heart of all of wdw--n i feel like i have to see the castle first...just a family tradition i guess

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    I always go to the MK. It's the best way to start a trip. It has magic baked right in

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    We usually eat at our resort initially, and then head straight to the MK. Love it!
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    I voted for stay the the resort.

    The day that we get there we stay at the resort, the first FULL day we go to MK.
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    if it's early in the day---MK then straight to POC. If its late either Epcot to living seas or to downtown i cant wait to go back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    We get there early in the day and go wherever the mood strikes! My DH knows that as soon as I see that castle all bets are off and I'm bound to shed a tear or two!! Getting me into MK is easy - getting me out is a whole other story!!!! Can't wait to get back!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Always the Magic Kingdom. I just need to do that monorail ride to the MK to really know that I'm home..........

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