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Poll: Favorite World Showcase Country

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WDW Theme Parks Discuss Favorite World Showcase Pavilion in the Vacation Planning forums; Now that was a difficult decision! Germany edged out the U.K. and Norway pavillions. But the food and music of Germany won out!...
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    Now that was a difficult decision!
    Germany edged out the U.K. and Norway pavillions. But the food and music of Germany won out!
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    OH MY!! How can you pick? I like Morocco- love the food and shops same reason for China and Japan. Love the ride in Norway. Love italy- like to see where my grandpa was from.. England- always have wanted to go there. France- GREAT PASTRY SHOP. Germany- food. The American Adventure- I really like the movie... So, I really can't choose.

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    For me, Mexico edges Italy just a little (if Italy had a ride then it'd be the other way around)...Mexico's el rio del tiempo is an amazing ride. It's so relaxing and a great way to get out of the sun. I also love the little market place they have as well. But, Italy's Alfredos is most definitly the best Italian food I've ever tasted and they have a phenomenal wait stuff.

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    American Adenvture! Got red white and blue pumping through my veins!

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    England - too far away!
    Mexico - the food is great, the ride is fun and the market is entertaining. And don't forget the Margaritas!!

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    Re: Favorite World Showcase Pavilion

    I know it's un-patriotic of me, but I'd say Mexico
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    Re: Favorite World Showcase Pavilion

    It's gotta be Mexico for me.

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    Smile Re: Favorite World Showcase Pavilion

    The american adventure is definately my favorite there.
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    Re: Favorite World Showcase Pavilion

    Chalk up another vote for Mexico. I thought maybe it was just me, but I'm pleasantly surprised to see it running away with it.

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