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WDW Theme Parks Discuss abusing the wheel chair in the Vacation Planning forums; Just wondering if any one elses has seen this. on one trip I noticed a family in the wheel chair entry, and saw a dad push his son up in ...
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    abusing the wheel chair

    Just wondering if any one elses has seen this. on one trip I noticed a family in the wheel chair entry, and saw a dad push his son up in chair, help him on the ride while we skipped our turn to let them on and i was happy to do and even felt bad for boy. Later on that night Isaw them again only this time they switched spots the boy was almost in a full run while pushing his dad in a wheely.

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    Yeah, I've seen it more often than I'd like. Heck, I was once hanging out with a small crew of folks who were pulling this sham--briefly. After it dawned on me what was going on (I'm a little slow some days), I bade them farewell with the agreement that we'd meet up later after the place had closed, and I went on my merry way alone. A few of them found my sentiment amusing (once again found myself labeled a "square," a "chump," and so on and so forth), but a few of them sort of zipped it when I smiled ruefully and told them that all Dudley Dooright-isms aside, there are people a whole lot less tolerant than I am out there, and I didn't wanna be around if they got caught by someone who takes offense to that sort of behavior and would feel obliged to make honest men and women out of them.

    (Case in point, the recent incident at the teacups when a guest apparently had all she could take with alleged line jumpers.......)

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    This has been going on for years. My brother first noticed it in '81, and got very cross about it - he was only 6 at the time. I think that the saddest thing is that these people think that they are being clever, because they are getting one up on other people. God forbid they shoild ever have to be in a wheelchair for real - they probably wouldn't find it as funny then.

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    Thats not right! Being in a wheelchair really isn't a matter to be taken lightly and yet some people are using a wheel chair just to get to the front of the lines quicker, thats just wrong.
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    What bothers me the most is that they are taking chairs away from the folks who could really use them. I am sure they have tons available but still. I would never do something like that, that's just bad karma waiting to happen.

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    It's one of my biggest pet peeves. I even wrote Disney a letter about it years ago. But I was under the impression that they did something about it. I thought you needed a special pass or something to get to the front of the line. I thought there had to be a Doctors note to get the pass. Does anyone know for sure??
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