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WDW Theme Parks Discuss Snorkeling at Waterpark in the Vacation Planning forums; Hello, We are taking our girls for their first Disney trip next month (yipee) and our middle daughter was watching the Disney planning video and saw that you can snorkel ...
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    Snorkeling at Waterpark


    We are taking our girls for their first Disney trip next month (yipee) and our middle daughter was watching the Disney planning video and saw that you can snorkel at one of the water parks. Has anyone done this or know any info about it?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    It's at the Typhoon Lagoon water park. It's a lot of fun. The water tends to be colder than the temperature controlled water at the other attractions, and of course is salt water so be prepared for that. it's very low key, the Cast Members prepare guests pretty thoroughly. If your kids have experience in snorkeling it should go very smoothly, if not it can be a little rough the mask and snorkel sometimes make the inexperienced feel claustrophobic. They should ahve blast though the scenerey is great bunches of aquatic life, clorful fish and ray, and very small sharks.

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    My sister and I have been doing the snorkeling since we first started going to Disney---she was six on her first try and wasn't afraid to do it. I don't know your girls' ages, but hopefully they should be fine with it---its just that the idea of swimming with sharks sometimes freaks people out. But yes, as posed above, they are very tiny and tend to stay at the bottom of the "pool" away from the guests. I think it is a lot of fun--if you plan on going to a waterpark then definitely try it out. There is no extra fee, admission is included in your ticket into the waterpark. Last September when we went, we all had underwater cameras and got some beautiful photos of all of the colorful fish and sealife. We've never had any issues with feeling uncomfortable in the snorkels or masks so hopefully that won't be an issue for you. And even if your family is unfamiliar with snorkeling, it is very easy to catch on (this is the very first place that my family snorkeled). If you do decide to go for it, take advantage of the rest of Typhoon Lagoon--its a ton of fun! I don't know if your park tickets include the waterpark option on them, but I believe you can still add it if you should choose. Otherwise you can just pay regular admission into the waterpark when you get their (which I believe is quite expensive & aimed more towards the Florida locals who just want to spend a day at the waterpark and are not actually visiting the rest of Disney). Whatever you decide, your family is going to have a blast!!!

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    It's a really fun experience, I think everything has been explained but it's worth a try so I would give it a try for sure

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    I'd also recommend an underwater disposable camera to take a few pictures if you can get a good shot of some of the tropical fish or small (and harmless) sharks
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