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WDW Theme Parks Discuss Epcot with Nemo and friends in the Vacation Planning forums; Originally Posted by cheshire_cat_81 Friends? :-) SURE!...
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    Quote Originally Posted by cheshire_cat_81 View Post
    Friends? :-)

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    Ok, here's my two cents. I, too, thought the Nemo show would be less than desirable, but after seeing it I definitely stood corrected. It was VERY good and all the kids in the audience absolutely LOVED it! As far as the Seas...I don't miss the hydraltors either, simply because I get motion sickness and even those did me in. I think the little Nemo clam ride is a good way to experience the entirety of the sea life "tanks", if you will. The animation actually "inside" the water with the real thing is really cool. And again, the kids LOVE all of this....which is all that really matters in the end anyway.

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    yeah , disney didn't understand that the Nemo-mania was over and would still be over by the time they did the refurb. Now nemo is EVERYWHERE. Ack!! It's small, it has an annoying high pitched voice! no, it's not michael jackson, its NEMO!! Ahhhhhhh.....!

    Oi with the poodles, already!

    "This is how it starts. One muppet, Sesame Street in the morning, variety shows late at night. Next thing you know, you're selling your possesions on Main Street to pay for your next Muppet binge"

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    I see both sides of this coin.

    1. I think it was a good idea to integrate Nemo into the pavilion because his presence will entice kids in. Plus, Epcot could use more attractions that are little kid-friendly. I also have to be honest and say that I visited The Living Seas numerous times over the years, and I thought that the crowds seemed pretty light recently. I think it needed to change to stay around.

    However -

    2. I think the pavilion has lost some of its educational tone. As I understand it, Epcot is supposed to be about edutainment. The new Living Seas pavilion is more about entertainment than education, to me. I think they did well when they added Turtle Talk because it struck a perfect balance between those two things. It's unfortunate that the other portions of the pavilion aren't more like it.

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    I too prefer The Seas with Nemo and Friends over the original Living Seas.

    The original pavilion was so boring. I rarely went there.

    The pavilion is better than ever now and it certainly has more appeal to children and families than the old Seas pavilion did. And the educational value is actually still there.

    So, in cases like this, change IS good.

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