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Poll: From 0 to 5 stars, how would you rate Mission:SPACE?????

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WDW Theme Parks Discuss WDW Rate It!: Mission:SPACE in the Vacation Planning forums; I like the quotes by astronauts, Presidents, and space scientists outside. My favorite is "Dare to Dream" by Kalpana Chawla. She gave her life on STS-107/Columbia in 2003. I try ...
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    I like the quotes by astronauts, Presidents, and space scientists outside. My favorite is "Dare to Dream" by Kalpana Chawla. She gave her life on STS-107/Columbia in 2003. I try to live by that motto when it comes to a future career.

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    The best new attraction since Philharmagic! Just don't eat before going on it or your whole day at EPCOT will be ruined. . . .
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    I really liked it, but seeing as how I get motion sick so easily, it's not one that I will ride very often. Maybe every other trip "home"
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    I also discovered that if you are well hydrated, you will have fewer problems also. Just don't drink a lot right before you get on!

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    I am going to go on this ride, against my better judgement. I never got motion sickness until a couple years ago my fiance and I went to the state fair. it was a hot summery day and I hadn't eaten or drank anything all day. we rode several spinny rides back to back (unavoidable seeing as how carnival rides basically boil down to either going up and down or spinning around). then we got on the ol classic: the Tilt-A-Whirl. well, there wasn't a line so the guy just let the thing go and go and go, basically shaking up the soda can to watch it explode... which it did. ever since then I can't handle things that spin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TinkerbellRocks
    I gave it 4 stars because the beginning of the ride makes it very difficult to breathe. After the initial part of the ride, this ride is incredibly awesome.
    My sentiments, exactly. Everyone should try it at least once, if they're physically able.
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    I hated it!!! I felt for an hour aftre I got off as if I couldn't put one foot in fron of the other and I didn't feel right the rest of the day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rvastro
    I gave it 4 stars. I enjoy the ride very much, but IMO the G loads are a little low for me. I believe a CM told me you pull 2 Gs on the ride. I am a G freak, so the 4.7 on Rockin' Roller Coaster makes me happy!
    I hear ya. I'm a G-Freak too... used to want to be a fighter pilot (but now the airline thing is looking better... it'll pay off the college loans muuuuch quicker!) It's weird though how rides like Rn'RC that have higher G-loading tend not to feel like that much because it's so short-lived. The G-loading you experience on M:S feels like much more than what it actually is because you are in a sustained 2G pull for several seconds.

    Unless you train for it, most of us have a very limited G-tolerance. This is why most modern fighter aircraft have flight control computers that will limit the pilot to pulling +9/-3 G's (not to mention the fact that the pilots also wear a "g-suit" that uses air pockets to force the blood from your extremities back into your head and trunk). The airframe is structurably capable of withstanding greater, and most fighter pilots in good physical condition can tolerate a little beyond that. But holding a sustained 7,8, or 9G pull will drain the blood from your head and black you out in a matter of seconds if you hold that stick back long enough. MiG-29s are capable of loading 10.5Gs on their pilots... but what's the point of that if the pilot loses consciousness three seconds after initiating the maneuver?

    The Cessna 172 Skyhawk aircraft I fly now in training has a very limited tolerance of +/- 2.8Gs, if I remember correctly. We don't have an accelerometer in or on the aircraft, so I don't know exactly what kinds of loads I have imposed on myself or the airframe, but I'm pretty sure I've pulled greater than 2, even if only momentarily, during the course of executing ground reference maneuvers. Yet Mission:Space, despite subjecting it's riders to a mere 2 times the force of gravity, still feels like a greater pull than what I personally have experienced in flight.

    Sigh... what I would't give for some stick time in an F-16. That was always my dream bird.
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    I gave it 4 stars. I thought it was amazing the first time I rode it. Definitely the closest you can get to the real thing that I've ever experienced. The second time I rode it, it was still good but not as good as the first time. My wife got dizzy both times and it's just not worth it for her to ride it. I'm going to ride it with just my son this time, he still loves it. :mickey:
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    wont ride it

    dont feel like having to yak when I only get to WDW once a year - dont want to spoil any of my very precious time there

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    I can't rate this ride, because I've never ridden it.

    Unfortunately, I don't plan to either -- I'm afraid I would get sick on it, even though I've never ever gotten sick from a ride before.

    I guess I'm going to sit out with the two babies while my boyfriend and three older kids ride.
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    I rode it 3 consecutive times last time I was down there. Iron stomachs must run in the family, as my newphew joined me. He was wondering why all the people were sprawled on the couches in the exit corridor...
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    Thumbs up Great Ride!

    I really enjoyed it. My friend and I rode it four times in a row and we loved it. My girlfriend doesn't like the sound of it as she gets motion sickness. I can't wait until the next time I can go on it.


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    5 stars I love the ride
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    4 stars for me...i really enjoy the ride but it's not my #1 fave, but it's one of the "scary" rides that i can actually get my brother to go on. so in all i really do like it, the whole thing!

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