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Poll: From 0 to 5 stars, how would you rate Mission:SPACE?????

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WDW Theme Parks Discuss WDW Rate It!: Mission:SPACE in the Vacation Planning forums; I have just voted and gave it 4 stars. I do like the ride, but there are others within WDW which would gain a 5 star above Mission:SPACE!!...
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    I have just voted and gave it 4 stars.

    I do like the ride, but there are others within WDW which would gain a 5 star above Mission:SPACE!!

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    I love it! You have the feeling of movement, but you aren't up in the air. If you get into the storyline and take on your "job", then you get 4 different possibilities each time you ride. I go for the original. I might try the less intense version just to see what it's like.
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    I have ridden this since my last post and rated it 4 Stars. as mentioned in my previous post, I think carnival rides do one of two things: go up and down, or spin around. I felt like this was just an extremely glorified carnival ride. I also am getting tired of all the motion-simulator "rides". I want to actually go somewhere when I'm on a "ride" (hence the name, "ride").

    those things aside, I hafta say that it was extremely awesome and a big thrill. I also got a big bang out of it b/c my dream as a kid was to be an astronaut so, yet again, Disney was making one of my dreams come true (sorta).

    4 Stars!

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    I love Mission Space !! It's so fun!! I love the G-forces!!!

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    It's a must do!

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    I'm going to disagree with most and say 2 Stars. I didn't get sick, which was a surprise considering what I'd heard. I thought the theming inside the queue was well-done, and the ride vehicles were impressive. However, the ride is very short and doesn't really do much after the big launch. Considering the possibilities for a Space Attraction, this thrill ride is a big disappointment. It lacks the sense of wonder that should be there for a space scene (i.e. early Epcot attractions like Horizons and Spaceship Earth) and is designed to make you feel uncomfortable.

    I'm a fan of thrill rides and enjoy WDW's other recent thrill rides like Test Track and Rock 'n' Roller Coasters, but this one didn't do much for me.



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    4 stars, I reall y enjoyed myself.

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    I didn't vote cos I haven't been on it! Am just too scared and worried about feeling claustraphobic.

    I'm just a big wuss I guess - give me IASW any day!!

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    5 stars easy. I rode Mission Space a few months after it opened in 2003, and just was awed by it. The que and preshow set up so much anticipation, and the ride delivered. The effects on the ride were like no other. Now that was back in 2003, when the ride was new. Since then Disney has dumbed down the ride. When I rode it last year I was disapointed. The speeds, vibrations, and pitching seem to have been scaled back. However, I still loved it. The real shame is that all the hype regarding the sick and unfortunately dead people have scared people away from Mission Space. When we were there last year we walked on twice, no wait. Hopefully this ride will make a come back, because I woul hate to see it go, and it is one ride I look forward to every trip.
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    I hope it was just cuz I went on the easy version... But I remember seeing Apollo 13 in the theatre, and that scared me more. I was sort of disappointed- They said it was supposed to feel real, and it felt like such a ride...
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    Thumbs up

    Although this ride did kill Horizons it is pritty much amazing, and it is not just a glorified gravitron as Nathan Rose calls it
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    I went on this ride in Jan of '04. I liked it, but it didn't like me. I didn't get sick, but I . I had to find a Coke vendor for some fizz, and I finally felt better after about an hour. It was kind of embarrassing b/c I love all types of rides and usually am the first in line for them, It gave my wife a good laugh (even though she was too chicken to go on it).
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    there hardly ever any line for this ride, i hope they dont get rid of it!

    i was so nervous when i first rode it, but now its my top 3!

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    Haven't rode it i was to scaried

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    My dad, who absolutely can't ride anything with too much spinning, rose th e"less intense" version and likes it just fine. I prefer the "real" version myself.

    I think Disney spent too much money on this ride to shut it down after 2 years...perhaps they can tweak the story line in the future, to prevent boredom.
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