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WDW Theme Parks Discuss miniature golf course? in the Vacation Planning forums; Have you been to one of the WDW ones? Do you recommend? Which one? TIA!...
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    miniature golf course?

    Have you been to one of the WDW ones? Do you recommend? Which one?

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    We've played both, but not for about 3 years. The one that is based on the music from Fantasia is a lot of fun, especially for the novice. There are actually a few holes that if you hit the ball, it will probably go into the hole. The other course is right next to the other course and the design was based on actual professional golf courses. Only trouble is, the curse, bumps and inclines are just too close together. I asked the golf "pro" at the desk if the designer had been on drugs when they designed it. It's a challenge to say the least.
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    I've played both courses at Winter Summerland (next to Blizzard Beach) and the "Gardens" course at Fantasia Gardens next to the WDW Swan and Dolphin resorts. I haven't yet had a chance to play the Fantasia Fairways course yet, which is the one mini-V was speaking of. Both the summer and winter courses at Winter Summerland are pretty much the same, and remind me of many other mini-golf courses I've played in other places. They weren't bad courses, mind you... they just didn't stand out to me as being particularly special or "Dis-nified."

    Fantasia Gardens however... now THAT was a very cool course. Not only was the theming really fun and unique (and very Disney, of course), but the way some of the holes were designed were unlike any I'd ever seen at any other courses. As Fantasia is a motion picture created by the molding of classical music and whimsical animation, Fantasia Gardens is a course designed around music and whimsical characters as well. A number of holes even allowed you to take part in "creating" some of the music, so to speak, by having such things as a set of chimes that your ball jingles around when it passes through, or a series of steps lined with tuned plates so that it makes "music" (or at least an entertaining series of clangs) when your ball bounces down them. Many of the holes are interactive, in that there are motion sensors and such that will trigger some sort of suprise, be it a fountain that sprays at you or your ball, or an image of Chernabog that appears suddenly on the wall of a cave as you walk by. All in all, Fantasia Gardens is by far the best mini-golf course I've played yet. Winter Summerland just didn't impress me after having played Fantasia Gardens first.
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    I have played Fantasia and the winter course in WinterSummerland. I like them both. I played the winter course last November and I really enjoyed the winter/Christmas feel to the course. I think you'll have fun whatever you choose.
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    I've played both as well. I love Winter/Summerland...but Fantasia Gardens is by far my favorite because it feels as if you just stepped into the film. Very cool. I like the "Sorcerer's Apprentice" hole where the brooms are pouring water over your ball as it winds its way toward the hole.
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