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WDW Theme Parks Discuss Have you ever seen/met anyone famous while in WDW? in the Vacation Planning forums; I think this is cool to read I'll start with my answer first! Last April, while on my Spring Break, Disney Channel was filming the Disney Channel Games... so ...
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    Have you ever seen/met anyone famous while in WDW?

    I think this is cool to read I'll start with my answer first!

    Last April, while on my Spring Break, Disney Channel was filming the Disney Channel Games... so all the Disney Channel stars were there. I met Brandon Baker (Johnny Tsunami) because he jumped in the back of our Splash Mountain log during EMHs...that was awesome. Then, while waiting in line for Space Mountain, i saw Corbin Bleu (HSM and Jump In! for anybody who doesnt know)....he was int he fastpass line, and then on the ride. Then, my friend's parents were staying at AK Lodge and saw Miley Cyrus, Ashley Tisdale, and other stars ( i think Billy Ray was there, too, but im not too positive on that one)

    Another time, my friends saw Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen going into Space Mountain, and they met a Beach Boy (idk whihch) in EPCOT

    What about anybody else?
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    I may come back full swing one day, foolish mortals, maybe one day.

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    I met Ice-T at Disneyland in California.

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    I met Michael Anthony (former bassist for Van Halen) in the gift shop in TomorrowLand MANY years ago.

    My best friend and I claimed to see Tom Cruise (back when Katie Holmes was a little kid and before he went all crazy and stuff) during our band trip my senior year in high school (1989). This was done soley to get people out of line so it was shorter. Amazingly, it worked!!!!! Obviously we never did really see Tom Cruise.
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    Back when Boy Meets World was on, I saw the kid who played the older brother in
    World of Disney.
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    Does Lou Mongello count???

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    Does Lou Mongello count???
    I saw Lou and the Disney Tattoo guy last week!
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    Last May I meet Scottie Pippen in AK and Kevin Greene at MGM .

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    Does the Mayor count? He's too cool!
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    Yeah, I looked in the mirror once in my hotel room!

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    I saw Mario Lopez last December. I tried to take pictures but I had it on the wrong setting so he came out blurry. It was hilarious. So I have a very blurry picture of someone who I know is Mario Lopez but that doesn't prove a thing. I also met Lou and had dinner one night with him and some other DWTers and then had drinks with our glorious Flutter, her hubby, and Lou. BTW- I should limit my alcohol intake and make sure I don't try to keep up with Tracy.

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    uhh... I met Mickey Mouse :/

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    Smile Chrstmas 2005

    We were visiting MK in November 2005 and happened to be in the park the day they were taping segments for the Chrsitmas Special. We got to see Brian Setzer (from the Stray Cats) performing "Jingle Bell Rock" in front of the Castle. It was funny, because they kept reshooting the ending, where the fireworks would go off. About every 5 minutes (for the hour or so they were shooting), you could hear the fireworks going off in the middle of the day.

    We also saw John O' Hurley (J. Peterman from Seinfeld). That was the year the he came in 2nd on Dancing With Stars and was in the park to do the Ballroom Dance scene from Beauty & the Beast for the same Christmas Special.

    We heard rumors that Vanessa Williams was also there (to sing "Colors Of The Wind") but we never saw her.

    We are going the EXACT same dates this year. I wonder who we will see this time....

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    Last Friday at the opening of the National Treasures exhibit @ Epcot I got to meet Betty Grissom (the widow of Gus, and being a real Rocket Geek this was a BIG deal for me!), Jackie Robinson's daughter & Marty Sklar! It was a good day!

    - Andy

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    We saw Tony Dungy getting onto Snow White's Scary Adventure with his kiddos this past weekend
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