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Poll: From 0 to 5 stars, how would you rate the MGM Backlot Tour????

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WDW Theme Parks Discuss WDW Rate It!: MGM Backlot Tour in the Vacation Planning forums; I love it just because I always get picked to be part of the "crew" in the special effects scene! I am such a riot!!!...
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    I love it just because I always get picked to be part of the "crew" in the special effects scene! I am such a riot!!!
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    I liked this ride but it wasn't worth standing in line for an hour!
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    Didn't it used to show you houses that were used in tv/movie sets. I liked it much better then!

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    One star.

    I used to really enjoy this ride back in the early days of MGM. At least then it was an actual working Studio. Now, the "back lot" name is even pretty misleading. Catastrophe Canyon is fun, but it would fun if they did something to "plus" it. The ship effects scene is good, but it's changed little other than to tie it to Pearl Harbor. Most of the other items have been there for a long time. This needs a major update.

    I do like the AFI exhibit at the end, as we actually see some cool items for movie lovers.



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    It used to be good, but since LMA was built, I think they have ruined it.

    Apart from the Canyon, there is no other reason to ride it now. So, it's a One Star from me too.

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    I loathe this attraction!!! Please take it away
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    it's ok, but matbe it needs updating?

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    I said 2 stars because I liked it better before when you went through the houses. Now I just feel that its kinda pointless.

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    I gave it 3 stars... it's okay, not spectacular, but not terrible. It's kinda meh.


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    I gave it 3 stars. It's good, but I don't go looking for it every time I'm in MGM. I could do without it.
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    I gave if four stars. I really like this ride, though the rest of my family usually want so pass.
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    I agree with what most people have used to be a great ride, i really enjoyed it. Now that it has been downgradded, I only enjoy getting picked for the show. :0)

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    lOVE IT

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    Worse since Lights, Motors, Action opened

    I was never that big a fan of the backlot tour. I thought it was a pretty cheaply come-by attraction. I dislike it even more now that Lights, Motors, Action is open. I find it very, very difficult to hear what the narrator is saying over the roar of cars, motorcycles, etc...

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    For some reason I have always loved this ride

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