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WDW Theme Parks Discuss Anticipation of a Disney Vacation in the Vacation Planning forums; Here is the latest blog from my website and it is about the anticipation of a Disney vacation. I would like to hear your thoughts of what feelings you get ...
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    Anticipation of a Disney Vacation

    Here is the latest blog from my website and it is about the anticipation of a Disney vacation. I would like to hear your thoughts of what feelings you get as well.

    "If you have ever planned a vacation to Walt Disney World you know the feeling you get when the months of hard work and planning come to a close and your countdown to your WDW trip is finally in single digits.
    There is an unexplained sense of anticipation you get when you enter that final week before you arrive at WDW. You constantly check the weather five times a day to see what the highs and lows will be, you hope that the sun will be shining every day of your trip, and wishing upon a star that the rain will hold off until AFTER your family leaves.
    You watch the Travel Channel and just hope that you see Samantha Brown doing one of her Disney specials, or a Disney show will be shown sometime before you leave.
    You suddenly feel the need to either play your Disney CD's, listen to Disney songs on your iPod, or pull up a Disney Internet Radio Station (hopefully D-Magic Radio :o) to put you in the mood.
    You find yourself dusting off some of your favorite Disney DVD's and watching them as a family to gear yourself for your trip.
    You make a general itinerary of which days you will visit each park and hopefully discuss the activities/rides that your family wants to see or do.
    You pull out your planning checklist and triple check it, to make sure you wont forget anything during your packing phase. You make sure that your favorite Mickey sweatshirt, tshirt and jacket are all packed away.
    You call Disney to make sure that they still have your reservation (trust me it has happened to me where I called the day before our trip and they lost our reservation-luckily there were still rooms available). You also call Disney Dining to confirm all your dining options, as well as maybe ask if there are openings for one more special meal for your family.
    After all of this is complete you are finally ready to travel to WDW. You then can relax, enjoy your trip, and then on your way home, if you are like most of us.....start the process all over again!!"
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    Yes it takes so much time and preperation to get ready for a great WDW vacation. You have said it very well but in the end the whole process is worth it for sure.

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    For two weeks before any Disney Vacation, I find myself thinking constantly about my dining reservations, and what I'm going to have for lunch and dinner. For instance, at the Prime Time Cafe: do I have the Pot Roast, or the Meat Loaf? For breakfast: Boatwrights or the Whispering Canyon Cafe? I can barely concentrate on work, because I'm just thinking about food, food, food.... Mmmm, kaki gori from Japan.... This post has made me hungry--I'm going to have some lunch now....
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