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Poll: Which way do you enter WS?

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WDW Theme Parks Discuss When you visit the World Showcase in Epcot.... in the Vacation Planning forums; Le Cellier is the best. Loved it, and next time I want to do supper instead of lunch since the menu is different and better at suppertime. But great food ...
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    Le Cellier is the best. Loved it, and next time I want to do supper instead of lunch since the menu is different and better at suppertime. But great food and the pretzel bread, OMG, awesome.
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    I voted Mexico first. Don't know why, but thinking back, everytime we go we go left 1st. And like others have said, by the time we get all the way around we are too full for one of my favorite places to stop for a bite. The fish and chips in England. and too tired to enjoy Canada etc.
    Last year by the time we went to Canada, it was raining so hard. We were soaked and the baby ended up gettinmg really sick. I think this time we will go right and enjoy the difference.
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    I started from the left our first 2 times. Now we go from the right. Don't really know why. We'll be staying at the BCV this October so we'll be entering from a completely different way, again.
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    I wonder why it is that so many of us do the Mexico thing. What is it that draws us that way?
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    probably because it's closer to you than Canada is, or going clockwise seems natural, or for those who remember the double decker busses, that's the direction they went.

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    If I'm with my wife and son we go LEFT first to Mexico and eat @ the place right outside San Angelo Inn/ Mexico Pavillion. If my two daughters are with us we go RIGHT straight to United Kingdon/England and eat the fish and chips and eat @ the tables outside.

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    I am from Ohio....far far from Disney World
    It's wierd, now that i think about it the last three times we were always coming from the ESPN Club on the boardwalk the first time we hit up EPCOT. I should probably just make it a tradition now
    I'm the only one!!!!

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    I, too, always seem to go left towards Mexico first. My theory on this, though, doesn't have anything to do with the food (for once!). For me I think it's because both Mexico and Norway (right next door) have rides that I've wanted to make sure I caught. I seem to not mind if I don't catch "O Canada" on every visit. Plus, I can be around the world to the Rose and Crown by dinner time usually (I love the pub food!) and I've really enjoyed watching Illuminations from near the Canada pavilion for some reason. . . .

    Hmmm, I guess that was inconclusive!

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    That's a good point about the rides!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Babby58 View Post
    I have been so lucky that during all three of my trips I've stayed at Epcot area resorts so I always enter through the International Gateway. Going towards GB just makes sense since I'm usually heading towards Future World first.
    that's also the way my family does it too...we usually stay at the Y&BC so i'm used to entering that way...but we have also stayed at AKL the last couple of times so we've switched it up....but i'm going to vote towards gb bc that's the way i remember going the most.

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    It's Disney-I was taught to go to the left

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    I generally allocate two days to Epcot, and do the "left" on one day and the "right" on another. So the first day I'll enter Epcot at 9am, head right for Soarin'. Then over to the Seas, the Spaceship Earth, then Imagination, then enter World Showcase at Canada, ending around America. Then a friendship boat back to Future World.

    On day two, I enter Epcot at 9am, right to Test Track, then Mission Space, then Ellen, then Innoventions, and then into World Showcase at Mexico, and go around to about America again.

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    we always start at mexico and make our way around...I'm not really sure why, that's just how we've always done it.

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    Always ALWAYS went through Canada cuz because we had to catch the 'Players' in UK. But once they were no more and we started totally LOVIN lunch in Mexico, we get caught in the San Angel Inn tractor beam!!
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