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Poll: Which way do you enter WS?

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WDW Theme Parks Discuss When you visit the World Showcase in Epcot.... in the Vacation Planning forums; Which way do you enter? I always seem to veer to the left and start with Mexico. I can not think of a single time I've gone to Canada 1st...
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    When you visit the World Showcase in Epcot....

    Which way do you enter?

    I always seem to veer to the left and start with Mexico. I can not think of a single time I've gone to Canada 1st
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    Mix it up every time. It depends where the PS for lunch or dinner are! Go straight to that country and take it from there.

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    I think mostly though I start at Mexico, but I have done all four choices before, so I said that I mix it up.
    It usually depends on which side of Future World I'm at.
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    Always have gone clockwise back in the day when the double decker busses ran just to make sure if we got tired of walking, we could walk to one more country to hop on the next one to take us closer to the park exit

    *misses the busses*

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    I forget, I think I normally go left but I've gone right and left from Future World and like once I've gone right after the Gateway.

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    I voted IG to France. We almost always enter/exit through the IG, but it kinda depends what we want to do that decides the direction we go. I do know we more frequently head towards France because we can cover more of the WS that way.
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    I have always started with going to Mexico first.

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    Usually Canada first, but I have no idea why!

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    We usually don't go around the WS but the few times we have we go right or left so I said mix it up.
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    Mexico first, always done it that way.

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    We almost always start out at Mexico and make our way around. It's for that reason that on some trips I've never seen Canada (we save WS for the end of the day and we've in the past pooped out before we made it all the way, turned around and went back (which is sort of silly if you think about it because it's the same distance then).
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    I don't think we've gone around the same way twice in a row, but that may be because we have rs at different restaurants and usually have to head to eat first. So, which ever way gets us to our restaurant first determines our path.
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    We also start in Mexico most of the time. We did have an ADR at Le Cellier last year and went that way first. Good question!

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    I have always gone to mexico first, I never realised that until today. I do believe I will go to Canada first next time.

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    I have been so lucky that during all three of my trips I've stayed at Epcot area resorts so I always enter through the International Gateway. Going towards GB just makes sense since I'm usually heading towards Future World first.
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