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Poll: What goes through your mind on the Tower of Terror

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WDW Theme Parks Discuss What is your reaction when the doors open on TOT? in the Vacation Planning forums; ToT is my absolute favorite ride at WDW!!! Somthing that my mom and I always notice is the intense heat right before the doors open (because you move from inside ...
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    ToT is my absolute favorite ride at WDW!!! Somthing that my mom and I always notice is the intense heat right before the doors open (because you move from inside the ride & it's a/c) Feeling the rush of heat and knowing that any minute we'll be dropping always gets my heart racing!

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    It's hard to describe for me; it's sort of excitement and fear at the same time. One side is like "This is amazing!" while the other side's like "Why am I doing this?!"
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    ToT, on a scale of one to five on the "Oh (BEEP)!!!!!!!" Meter gets a SIX!!! I go on it, but I usually like the smooth coaster rides like Rock n Rollercoaster or Test Track.

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    When I'm going thru the que im like ok youll be ok ( I am scared to death of hieghts) but then when the neon lights go and that noise jsut before you slide out into the shaft I am like omg what did i ride thsi for agianand grab on tight to those little handles (not easy for a pooh size) But at the bottom I am like ok lets go agian

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    Enter the "Sport Goofy" scream.

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    I like the view and wish it wouldn't drop so quick. I'd like to take it in for a bit longer before my mickey bar attempts to hop back up my gullet.
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    I love ToT unlike coasters where you know what going to happen next, you never completely know whats going to happen next, also I love the negative gs

    tip to anyone riding after 13k dont forget to hold on to your medal or it will more than likely smack you in the face

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    I never know when the floor is gonna drop out on me so I am anticipating that moment.
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    This ride for me is like eating a bowl of realy hot chilli. It's soooo good but it is going to hurt later. Its usualy the last ride I do that day so I can go back to the resort and recover.

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    Scurrying back to my closet before Debs catches me!!
    I love it when the doors open, it's amazing!!

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    It's the only ride that I get really scared while waiting to ride. But I ride it every time we are there. I have high blood pressure so I'm worried I might have a heart attack but after the ride starts I start relaxing and enjoy the ride.
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    uuuuuuhhhhhhhhh.........before you know it, your-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Mark me down for Aaaaaaaarrrgh! as well.

    I work at elevated heights of 100+ feet, but for some reason this ride scares the pants off me. All I can say is that they did a marvelous job with this attraction.

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    Tower of Terror is one of my very favorite rides. While I was on the college program, my friends and I use to come up with funny things to do when the ride takes our picture (without ruining the picture for the other riders). They introduced the "different ride every time" while we were there so I was able to experience both and I love the new way they do it, you never know whether its over or if youre just getting started. Has anyone seen the Disney Channel movie based on this ride? Its pretty entertaining.
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    Love this ride - fun & scary. I've got a nervous laugh just thinking about it!
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