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WDW Theme Parks Discuss Proof We're Related in the Vacation Planning forums; My mother and I often spend our days sending e-mails to each other back and forth. Many times they turn to the topic of Disney because we're both just huge ...
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    Talking Proof We're Related

    My mother and I often spend our days sending e-mails to each other back and forth. Many times they turn to the topic of Disney because we're both just huge Disney fans. The past few days we've been working on planning a big family trip in 2009 that would be me, my husband, our son, my mother and her husband. So... Disney has been a common topic these past few days.

    If you were to see pictures of my mother you'd see there's no question we're related. We could in fact be twins if you compared pictures of us from the same age. But... today I received even further proof that we're related. She's a member of these forums so maybe she'll see this and get a chuckle that I shared it but I just have to. Check out one of today's e-mail threads (note there were 2 others that were Disney related)...

    Jenn: "Man I'm sooooo feeling some Disney withdrawal."

    Mom: "Tell me about it, the minute I get home from WDW, I can't wait to start planning to go back. It's a major addiction.... Hello, My name is Marilee and I'm a WDW-holic... And I got it bad. I swear the older I get the worse I get. I can't get enough of the place.... If you're going crazy - listen to that cd about Main Street USA - you'll fell like you're there" (referring to Lou's Audio Guide which she got me for Christmas)

    Jenn: "Y'know it's so funny... I'm exactly the same. The older I get the worse it gets. The more I can't wait to go back. ESPECIALLY since I've had Aaron. It's like the one place I can just be 100% kid and no one cares."

    (insert miscellaneous conversation about listening to park music on our iPods to keep us in the Disney mood when we go through withdrawal here)

    Jenn: "I am seriously feeling the withdrawal bad today... I've been out on the site looking at all the stuff I can't afford. I've been on the DWT site all day between meetings. I've been looking at old pictures from Disney trips with Aaron on his site. I've been visiting the sites that showcase the old attractions etc. Just big time withdrawal."

    Mom: "Quick question, don't want to interrupt quality Disney time, (I know all about that - LOL). When you think about Disney in gneral or when you go to the parks do get get misty eyed? I don't understand it, I can be just sitting and all of a sudden a Disney thought will come to my mind and I find my eyes tearing up. When I first get to MK and walk through the tunnel I'm in tears before I hit Main Street. I don't know why the emotions well up so, but even now just thinking about WDW, etc and I'm all drippy eyed...."

    Jenn: "Oh yeah... that's totally me... I'm so right there with you. I just got teary as I was typing a response to a thread on DWT (that was asking what the first time you actually cried at the world was). Just reliving the moment in my head got me all misty. Heck, on a trip, it starts as soon as we go under the Disney World banner on the road to the resorts. At the hotel it's not too bad and even at Downtown I usually can keep my cool but man that first morning... especially if we get to the Ticket and Transportation center before they open the gates to let the crowds in... and it's extra magic hours... because that whole walking up to the Cast Member and showing them the card that we're staying on property and being told "go on through"... oh man! The second we get onto main street I get all misty. I usually do well to keep it from getting crazy by focusing on taking pictures. LOL!! The entire trip I'm like that though. I mean, when the first curtain opens on Carousel of Progress or the closing song at American Adventure plays. There are SOOOO many things that do it to me. You're not alone. We're going to be a mess when we all go together. I'll look at you, see tears, and start crying, and you seeing me cry will make you cry more. The men will be making fun of us!! LOL!!"
    Sometimes all you need is a reminder that out there lies a better place... a better world... a Walt Disney World.
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    That's great!
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    You are crazy! I am just like that. My mother has never been and has no desire to go. She just doesn't get it. That is why you all are my real family!
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    Is this proof that I was adopted? No one related to me by blood or marriage has this affinity for WDW.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cinderella2 View Post
    You are crazy! I am just like that. My mother has never been and has no desire to go. She just doesn't get it. That is why you all are my real family!
    Are you sure we're not related?
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    My DD and I are like that. My mom likes Disney but only goes because my brother lives in Orlando and he loves Disney. But my DD and I could have had that same converstation... well, almost.

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