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WDW Theme Parks Discuss Guest of Honor Badge? in the Vacation Planning forums; I was looking at a website to see what the site suggested for a trip to WDW (even though I think I know what to bring after 15 years) but ...
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    Guest of Honor Badge?

    I was looking at a website to see what the site suggested for a trip to WDW (even though I think I know what to bring after 15 years)
    but anyways
    one of the things it said to bring is a Guest of Honor Badge.
    what is that about?
    do you get special treatment cause I'm going in May for my b-day?
    where do you get it and how?

    So many questions to ask!!!

    thank you to who-ever answers
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    Guest of Honor badges were sold back in 1996-1997. Where a guest could have their name and hometown printed on it. A guest did not get special treatment for having one on.

    If it is your birthday, you can stop by City Hall and ask for an "It's my Birthday" button, sometimes with that one you MAY get something special.
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    Starting in October 1996 for WDW's 25th anniversary, you could get a free "Guest of Honor" rectangular 'badge' (they had tape you peeled off to stick the badge to your shirt). I believe there were two versions: one that said "Guest of Honor" and you could add a sticker with the year of your first visit, and one that said "First Visit" or something like that.

    Some time around then they started selling badges that looked somewhat similar to a Cast Member name tag (oval shape, pin-on) with a character on it, that you could get engraved with your name. They've been sold on and off for many years, most recently I believe was 2005. The one that was sold for the longest I believe was a red badge with Mickey on it and the words "Guest of Honor" but there have been other characters and designs as well. You could buy them in the shops where they had the engraving equipment - I know the Celebrity 5 & 10 in Disney's Hollywood Studios was the last place I got them - gold ones for the 50th anniversary of Disneyland.

    Currently it looks like it's an "off" time, as none are listed on

    Here's a scan of two types - the top ones are from October 1996, and the lower one is from August, 2003.
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    Ours are at least that old. I had to go look for them as it looked very similar to the red one posted however ours were engraved throughout without the bump out with Mickey Ears. Ours also had the city and state we were from just like the CM's tags. The only really difference between our tags and the CM's was where theirs were engraved at the top Cast Member, ours was
    Guest of Honor. When we got ours they were very new, attracted a great deal of attention and CM's commented about them or asked why we were being honored. We even had guests ask us questions that just glanced at the tags, my interpretation at the time, thinking at first we were just off duty but employee's. It was weird. My kids were young and love them however they attracted so much attention that I wasn't comfortable with them wearing them as they had their names and city, state. Folks started talking to them as if they knew them.

    When I just pulled these out, I also looked at my sons actual CM tag, minus the guest they are indeed identical aside from the Cast vs Guest at the top.
    My guess is that maybe why they altered them a bit more.

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    We have a bunch of the ones like the in the top picture. We got them free at the time. We had to go City Hall (I believe it was City Hall, I know it was when you first entered the MK) and you were asked for all the years that you had vistied WDW and they gave you a badge for each year.
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    I have one of the "cast member" type badges. If you have one, a word of caution: don't wear it and a pin lanyard at the same time! I had to refuse a pin trade with a kid who thought I was a CM!
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