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WDW Theme Parks Discuss Favourite land in Magic Kingdom in the Vacation Planning forums; Frontierland starting to pull away now, still no vote for mickeys toontown fair....
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    Frontierland starting to pull away now, still no vote for mickeys toontown fair.


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    This was kind of a hard one for me. I love Main Street U.S.A. in the "light" hours, but I love Tomorrowland in the "dark" hours. (It has to do with lighting - I think's Tomorrowland is just gorgeous at night.) So, I went with Tomorrowland!

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    Definitely Adventureland. I love Pirates but my favorite is Swiss Famiyl Treehouse (which I pray they never convert to Tarzan's Treehouse, yuck!) Then again, I also love Hall of Presidents...
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    So hard to choose...I went with Fantasyland but I love Main Street and Frontierland too.

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    no Toontown votes?

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    I voted for Liberty Square because that's where my favorite attraction (HM) is.

    It used to be Main Street until they destroyed it a few years ago. I used to be able to spend a couple of hours just doing everything on Main St. Now, it's just one long Disney merchandise location.

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    I reallay had a tough time deciding .... each land hold very different and special memories !! I picked Fantasyland because I adore the carousel and without dreams and fantasies, Walt would have never created my favourite place !!
    Can't wait to go back to my happy place !

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattj4226 View Post
    For some reason, I think that Main Street is my favorite. I guess it's because it is the first land you see. Also it has the best view of the castle.
    ITA, and it is the most magical. Just the architecture, and the whole feel of it. The sweet smell and the flowers are things I just can't get enough of. I love the Partners statue, and the way the hedges are cut (I think they're hidden mickeys).
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    Adventureland 'cause it reminds me of Indiana Jones and the GI Joe Adventure Team. Not to mention 'cause it has Jungle Cruise and POTC Tomorrowland comes a close second since I love Sci-Fi stuff and it has Space Mountain, Buzz's Space Ranger spin, and Monster's Inc. Laugh Floor.

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    Tomorrowland because of the theming and particularly the background music and the music on the attractions. Its also hard to not pick the land with the TTA in it.
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    i like tomorrowland

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    I voted for Tomorrowland, mainly because of the theming. I love Buzz Lightyear, Space Mountain, CoP, and of course, the TTA! And yes, it is gorgeous at night.

    That being said, Fantasyland comes in a close second. I have two small children who LOVE the rides there, and seeing them happy makes my heart light up.


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    Main Street just feels like your at home in the middle of the action

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    I picked Frontierland because it has to of my favorite rides( btmrr and splash mountain) A close second would be tomorrowland because i like the theme and because of space mountain. I also like adventureland

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    Frontierland because of Splash Mountain and Thunder Mountain. I also like the music there the best.

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