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WDW Theme Parks Discuss Favourite land in Magic Kingdom in the Vacation Planning forums; For rides, it's Adventureland. But overall, I can't NOT relish in the magic that is Main Street....
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    For rides, it's Adventureland. But overall, I can't NOT relish in the magic that is Main Street.

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    How do I pick just one?
    My vote went to Adventureland, love the atmosphere and the background music. Great, especially at night!
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    Gotta give mad love to the oft-overlooked Liberty Square. The theming is so exquisite, and with sights to see like the Haunted Mansion, Hall of Presidents and a steamboat (and photos to be taken of the naughty in the stocks), it just gives me that, that... DISNEY FEELING!

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    I like Frontierland best! Due to the great theming, music, atmosphere...and not to mention my two favorite Disney mountains are there!

    Liberty Square is a close second - with its beautiful buildings, theming, and the Haunted Mansion!!

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    I was so close to picking Fantasyland... and then I remembered how they RUINED Alien Encounter. I cannot pick a land where Stitch burps in my face - no matter how much I love the Carousel of progress.

    Haunted Mansion and Hall of Presidents are big favorites of mine (upcoming HOP refurb makes me a bit nervous about too many changes) so this was an easy choice.

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    I almost voted for Frontierland. I love Splash Mountain! I chose Liberty Square instead. I love walking from Fantasyland under the bridge and feeling like I went back in time. I hum the Sons of Liberty song from the movie Johnny Tremaine for hours after I walk through there.

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    poor Mickey's Toontown is getting no love

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    Wow, this is really hard. Although my favorite ride is the Haunted Mansion and I love Main Street, I'll have to say Frontierland!
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    good ole southern boy.....
    For me,it's Tommorrowland.I love Space Mtn,Carousel of Progress,and my fav,WEDWAY People mover.Yeah,I still call it that!
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    for rides and attractions, Adventureland
    for ambience, Frontierland
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    Re: Favourite land in Magic Kingdom

    I picked Tomorrowland because it's the place where my whole family has the most fun together... Buzz, TTA, CoP, Monsters Inc,... love those (plus I like the ribs at Cosmic Ray's!)

    However, I personally enjoy Frontierland for Splash Mtn & Big Thunder Mtn... my younger son is finally tall enough to try those (hope he has the courage)... so if all is successful on our next trip, & my younger son also learns to put these rides on his list of "must do's," I may have to change my vote to here because that would mean our whole family has a new place to have fun all together!

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    Re: Favourite land in Magic Kingdom

    I love going over the bridge from the hub into Adventureland. The transition is by far my favorite as the Disney music is subtly replaced by the drums and the bridge gives the great visual as well as the texture. It's a great barrage of the senses that most don't even notice.
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    Re: Favourite land in Magic Kingdom

    I went with Liberty Square, in part because I am extremely Patriotic, but mainly because that is where HM is located.
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    Re: Favourite land in Magic Kingdom

    This is like asking me to pick my favorite child!!!! Oh wait....that I could do pretty easily! Just kidding of course! Well....sorta

    I love the feeling I get when I first step foot onto Main Street. It's that "I'm home again" feeling I get and that tear in the eye.

    I have so many wonderful memories of my childhood and riding IASW with my Grandma and Dumbo with my Grandpa that etches out a very special place in my heart for Fantasyland. Of course now with two young boys, it's our first stop of our first day of vacation every single trip.

    Adventureland takes me away to a land of singing birds and swashbuckling pirates that I adore!

    Frontierland is home to one of my 2 favorite rides in all of WDW...Splash Mountain!!!

    Hall of Presidents is what makes Liberty Square an important part of my Magic Kingdom experience. I cannot begin to explain the special place in my heart that this attraction holds. I get so overwhelmed watching it each and everytime....even though I've seen it hundreds of times.

    Toontown is where both of my boys rode their very first rollercoaster and is always the place we go to get our family photo taken with the Big Cheese!

    Tomorrowland is home to my beloved CoP and WEDWay People Mover (TTA) that I cannot imagine my WDW being complete without. it now clear as mud which land is my favorite??? I guess if I absolutely had to choose one, it would be Main Street USA because like I stated above....that's when I know I'm home!!!!!!

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