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WDW Theme Parks Discuss Disney Photo Pass problems? in the Vacation Planning forums; Has anyone had an issue with Disney Photopass orders? In prior years, the orders have been fine, but not so this year. I ordered one of the picture and luggage ...
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    Angry Disney Photo Pass problems?

    Has anyone had an issue with Disney Photopass orders? In prior years, the orders have been fine, but not so this year. I ordered one of the picture and luggage tag combinations. The picture was fine but the luggage tag blurry (from the same picture). I couldn't find a phone number on their website so I was forced to email a question to their "help" which promises a response in 5 days. Two days later I received an email indicating I'd have to send back the photo in error (at my expense) and then they'd send a new one "no charge". And, of course by the time they receive my return, my photos will have "expired" anyway.

    Also, today I received the email from them saying my photo order had been completed and was on its way. Huh? I received the picture order at least 5 days ago.

    It's odd how good Disney is at some things and how terrible at others.

    Does anybody have the phone number for DisneyPhotoPass? Or any suggestions?

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    I preordered the photo cd for the first time for my December trip. I was very confused by the preorder process and thought I had placed the order. After weeks passed and I still hadn't received it, I emailed them. I was extremely worried I was going to lose the pictures. After a ton of emails back and forth it turned out I never ordered the cd. It was very frustrating. The whole problem could have been solved with a 5 minute phone call.
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    Hi There, I got this phone # when I called Disney Photo Pass at The Grand Floridian. The # is 407-560-6068. You are only able to leave a message, however I must say I was really impressed when they called me the next day! Just thought I would share this since I had the same frustration when I went back on their website and only got the email address to request help. I hope this didn't come too late.

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    Thank goodness for Google! I have been having major problems with the Disney Photopass on line and all I get are these generic emails back that did not answer my questions or resolve my problems. Thanks to your number, I can now (keeping my fingers crossed they call back) talk to a live person. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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    My experiences with Photopass have been very good. A couple of years ago, when we got home from our trip, we discovered that we had lost our photopass card. I emailed them telling them describing one of the pictures we took and what we were wearing that day. They searched all the photos and emailed me back two days later with our card number. I can only imagine how many photos those photographers take each day, I am amazed they found it!
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