Here is this week's blog (Part 2) on Walt Disney World in the Summer. I would love to hear your thoughts about this topic.

The next tip is something that people sometimes forget about, but it can make your day much more enjoyable. It pertains to your clothing. The key here is to wear items that will pull the moisture away from your body. You want to avoid cotton shirts. You will see person after person with sweat pouring through their shirts. These are the people who are wearing cotton shirts. Donít get us wrong, we all have to wear Mickey shirts while on vacation, just wear them at night when it is a tad cooler. For daytime touring of the parks you should have shirts that are made of polyester, which wicks moisture away from your body and helps cool you down. Most manufacturers have some form of this. These shirts are a must. Trust us it will make you much more comfortable throughout the day. As for shoes, just make sure you have something comfortable as you will be walking quite a bit and you donít want to get blisters. You will walk several miles throughout the day without ever realizing it.

Now that we have gotten you past the heat factor, thereís just one more thing to discuss about the summer touring plan. This is winter in South America, which means only one thingÖ.tour groups! In some ways they have gotten a bad rap, but in general here is what you should look for. There are groups, usually all wearing the same colored shirts of about 20-50 teenagers, with an adult in front of them and behind them each carrying a flag. They typically are from Brazil and many do not speak English which causes problems for some when trying to follow directions. As with any large group of 12-18 year olds, sometimes they are rude and cut in line and things like that, other times they follow the rules. Our advice is just to avoid them. In my experience, they rarely get to the parks at park opening (yet another reason to get there ASAP). If you are approaching a ride and see fifty of the same shirts lining up, just come back to that ride later. It may alter your touring plan a bit, but trust us, it will be worth it. Go on to another ride and remind yourself to come back to that ride later. By doing this you can usually avoid headaches caused by enormous lines. Parades are another thing all together. You should really only view parades if you have never seen them before. The reason being when you vacation during peak seasons everyone wants to see the parades and things can sometimes get heated.

The summertime seems to be the worst because in the excitement the large tour groups may push their way in front of you or your family. Since the groups can be fifty or more, this can lead to frustration issues for you. If you see the tour groups coming close to your spot, it would be a good idea to just get up and move to another spot in the parade route. Again nothing necessarily against the tour groups, but sometimes it is just better to avoid any potential conflicts. If you can follow most of these suggestions your summer trip can be a very fun experience.