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WDW Theme Parks Discuss Photopass for the attractions in the Vacation Planning forums; Just got back from WDW and have a question. When we got off of Test Track, we were able to swipe our picture onto our Photopass. I did not see ...
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    Photopass for the attractions

    Just got back from WDW and have a question. When we got off of Test Track, we were able to swipe our picture onto our Photopass. I did not see this at any other attraction. Does anyone know if this might carry on over to the other attractions? Seems like they would sell a lot more Photopass discs if they did this. As it currently stands, I can't justify buying a disc w/ the current number of pictures. But, if you throw on all the rides, then that would definitely push me over. Now, the flip side is it would probably cut down on the # of photo sales for each individual attraction. Wonder if Test Track is there "test".

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    Not yet, I was there in November and asked about this. They are apparently "trialing" this at Test Track. I would have thought by now, 8 months later, that the trial would have been over and this would have been implemented everywhere. Guess not.
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    Polynesian Medic is right!! This has been an awful long trial period. Especially since when they announced the idea I got the impression that it was something that would be rolling out to most of the major attractions quickly.

    Maybe they have noticed a decline in sales of the ride pictures since they have installed the photopass option. It does seem to take alot of the impulse out of the purchase of the ride picture.

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    i would definitely be onboard for expanding that idea; i'd also be more likely to use our photopass card more frequently and perhaps even purchase the prepaid version...

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    They would probably make more money if they had the ride pictures on the CD. It would seem to many people that it is a better value to spend $125 on a CD full of your ride photos/character photos/other random photos than $15-$20 per ride photo (I'm actually not sure how much it costs per photo - this was just a guess so correct me if I'm wrong).

    Right now, I don't get enough photos to make the CD worth my money, but if they included the ride photos, I would probably get one.

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    Yeah it seems like this "test" has been going on at Test Track for well over a year.

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