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    WDW Camera Policies

    According to Disneyland's FAQs:

    What items are not permitted within Disneyland® Park, Disney's California Adventure® Park or the Downtown Disney® District?

    Items not permitted include, but are not limited to:

    Professional cameras and recording equipment. (Reporters must make prior arrangements with Disneyland® Resort Media Relations.) Folding tripod stands that can fit inside a standard backpack are permitted.
    Has anyone heard if this is going to be the rule at WDW too? I'm hearing on other sites that some people are being refused admission to the park if they have an DSLR or SLR camera. Any CMs here that work the gates know anything about this? Is this really happening? I have a DSLR and if I'm not going to be let in the parks because of it I'll have to rethink my trip in Dec.

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    My friend has a very high-quality SLR that she took with us last month, and had no issues at any gate.

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    I've been twice this year already for a total of 17 days between the 2 trips and never had anyone say anything to me and I have a Nikon dSLR.

    It's ironic that this same question was raised on Tim Devine's The Magic in Pixels forum and several of the more senior members who have been taking pictures in the parks for double-digit years have said that in most cases Disney is looking for what is known as the "white lenses". The "white lenses" are the really expensive lenses typically used by professionals.

    Granted there are exceptions and they are typically newbies. For example we were told last year we couldn't use a tripod in downtown Disney and later found out from more senior members of Disney security that was a falsehood
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    A lot of it depends on how obvious you are with your equipment. If it looks like your carrying your entire world on your shoulders and you are a professional photographer/videographer, you might have some trouble getting in the gate. Although Disney does work a lot on the honor system that if you say, "no I'm not." They can let you in.
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    Never had an issue with our camera. I am taking the Keys to the Kingdom Tour in December they told me twice during the reservation process no cameras or large back packs are allowed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tink127 View Post
    Never had an issue with our camera. I am taking the Keys to the Kingdom Tour in December they told me twice during the reservation process no cameras or large back packs are allowed.
    If you are going "backstage", then you can expect a no camera rule. We were in the classroom area of Animal Kingdom for the speaker series and we were not allowed cameras.
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